Talking Ben Elf Toy!

Talking Ben Elf Toy!

It talks! It's fun! Is it another one for the Xmas list?

Entertainment One have kindly sent me this little elf to review.  He’s not one of Santa’s little elves though, they were too busy to be spared for a blog review (they’re all working hard making toys at the North Pole).

This elf is from Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom and is one of a range of toys available from all good retailers based on this cute little series.   If you’d like to visit the official Ben and Holly website please click HERE for the website!  Alternatively you can visit them on Facebook HERE!  It seems that Ben is well versed with social networking as well as finding things.

‘Squeeze Ben’s hand to hear him say five fun phrases, including ‘Elves are very good at finding things!’  Made from soft and cuddly fabrics, he’s ideal to hug and hold.’

This is essentially what this toy does, he talks, is cuddly and is apparently good at finding things.  I lost my front door keys the other day and asked him if he knew where they were.  Disappointingly, he just smiled at me and said nothing.  I suspect he hid them in the first place you know…..

Ben is undoubtably well made, and my two are very impressed.  Sausage has even tried to have conversations with him, which is quite cute.  Darlek has carried Ben around a bit, and agrees that he is cuddly.  So there’s a recommendation from us.  If you’d like to get hold of your own Talking Ben Elf they retail at £12.99 and you can find them HERE!


2 responses to “Talking Ben Elf Toy!

  1. Ohh do they make a talking Holly as well? LO would love one of those! Lovely review 🙂

  2. Ah I just answered my own question! Brilliant! Another stocking filler! Thank you 😀

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