Invisible Sweets & Seeing Spots!

Invisible Sweets and Seeing Spots!

A very quick overview of events over the last couple of days!

It’s been Children In Need and Darlek (I’m talking about my daughter now, not the half darlek in the previous vlog) made herself a fabulous costume for the occasion at school.  They all had to go into school and wear as many spots as they could, and she made an absolutely huge effort.

With only an old pair of pyjamas and some felt tips, Darlek made herself a fabulous outfit.  There were spots and Pudsey bears on her top, her trousers, her socks and her headscarf, and she was mightily proud of the ensemble – and so was I!  She looked great, if I say so myself, and for such a good cause too.  They had a competition at school for the best costume and her hopes were high, unfortunately she didn’t win and her hopes were rather dashed by the end of the day which was a shame.  I wish they didn’t run comps like that in schools, children take things like that very seriously. I told her she looked like a winner anyway.

In other news Sausage has developed a taste for invisible sweets which bodes well for his imagination and his figure in the future.  He had an empty paper bag from his lunch at Sainsburys the other day, and decided it was full of invisible sweets.  He claimed there were tons of sweets in there, of many varieties and proceeded to wander around the supermarket gobbling handfulls of them.  When he ran out he simply grabbed further sweets from fresh air and refilled his bag with them.  This must have gone on for approx 45 minutes in total and it was so cute!  He even offered attempted to share them with his grandparents and I.  Very generous!

The other day he pretended to catch invisible fish too, with an invisible fishing line and kept throwing them to me so I could eat them, sealion style.  He got ever so upset when Darlek intercepted his catch and ate them instead.  In fact he even began crying he was so annoyed.  Honestly, they can argue over anything when the mood strikes them.

This last weekend Horace and I went down to London for a wedding which was lovely.  Sis babysat the kids so we were footloose and fancy free for the first time in I don’t know how long.  We attended the evening celebration and had a whale of a time, as did the other guests.  It was a truly heartwarming do, with the happy couple glowing throughout.  To see people so happy and so much in love is a wonderful thing.  Here’s wishing them everything they wish for themselves and more!

'The only Maxi Dress in the Village' (I suspect Maxi dresses are soooo last season)

Here’s a quick pic of me chatting to another guest.  I actually wore a new dress I discovered in a second hand shop.  I felt overdressed and a bit silly, but hey, any excuse to wear something other than  jeans and a t’shirt is no bad thing I suppose.    I even wore – shock, horror – heels! I still have four blisters to prove it too.  On the way back from the do I spent a while ranting about how men designed heels so that women couldn’t run away from them and pined after my Cat boots.  I am a grumpy arse sometimes! It was worth it though. Anyway, a couple of glasses of red wine it numbed the pain in my toes so it wasn’t that bad I suppose!

Hungover on the train home! A space cadet in training.

All in all, a very busy week!  I’m actually bracing myself for busier weeks though. Christmas is well on its way, and I really must dig out my diary if I want to keep track of everything.  It all tends to go a bit fast forward from mid November to December doesn’t it.  I strongly suspect I’ll look like the above photo on December 26th if it’s all going to be as manic as I think it will be.   Hey ho! Or should that be ‘Ho Ho!’  We’ll manage.  Mince pies at the ready!


One response to “Invisible Sweets & Seeing Spots!

  1. I was waiting on a picture of a spotty Darlek…..glad you enjoyed your weekend away….thought you was gonna wear your cat boots…..Im the same I live in trainers or bare feet

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