Bumpees! The bumpy road to a Bumpee addiction

Bumpees! The bumpy road to a Bumpee addiction

‘What are Bumpees?’ I hear you ask!  I know you’re absolutely dying to find out. (well, if you’re still here, you must be vaguely interested?)  So….this is what arrived in the post when I said I’d review some!

A magazine to whet a Bumpee appetite. £5.35 to buy

A foil package containing the first fix of Bumpees - these packs are around £2

The Bumpee addiction, the first hit. One Bumpee costs approx £2 - £3

My daughter opened this package and her very first words were, and I swear it’s the absolute truth ‘I want to collect them all!!!!’ accompanied with a crazed grin on her face.  My hands went clammy, my heart went ‘Booom!’ and I realised at that very moment that whoever makes Bumpees wants all of my child’s pocket money, not just a couple of quid.  They are those sort of toys that are habit forming!

They are a fabulous idea though, and if you don’t mind your child channelling all their spare cash into small plastic discs with rubbery covers then all well and good.  Personally  I find it a bit scary that toys like these have such a hold over kids so quickly.  Then again, there are so many toys on the market sold like this now, ‘Gotta Catch ’em all!’ rings in my ears.  (A different toy completely, but exactly the same principle)

There are mutli-coloured millennia of them to collect!

The idea is to play various games with the Bumpees, many of which are outlined in the magazine, along with slots for children to store their collection.   Here’s an example:

A Bumpee game and Bumpee stash storage

I’ll be honest and say I’m not keen, but that’s simply because I always feel toys like these exploit a child’s natural urge to collect things, whether it be stickers, cards, or pebbles.  (pebbles are cheaper).

But if you have no qualms about a Bumpee addiction, go for it!  Games like these, and the Bumpees themselves, will keep a child occupied for hours I’m sure.  They encourage turn taking in games, competitiveness (as in trading card games), a pride in a collection they have taken time over and spent money on and they are colourful and well made little things – the discs do fit very snugly into their little rubbery cases.

I’m still trying to wean my daughter off her Squinkies addiction, so I’ll be steering well clear of these though!  You, on the other hand, might embrace them with open arms.  It’s all personal taste really isn’t it.

I was sent these to review, no other financial reward was given (I still think it’s a shame you can’t buy stuff with Bumpees – I mean, they even look like pennies!) – but my views are all my own as always.


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