Moshi Monsters from Licence to PR

Moshi Monsters Clay Buddies

When these arrived in the post I was amazed at how excited Darlek was.  I think one of her friends from school collects them so she was very pleased to be ‘keeping up with the Joneses’.  I think they are a very popular brand at the moment from what I can gather from the buzz on the playground.

This is what the packet looks like:

And this is what you find when you open the packet:

The press out card details to add details to your Moshi Monster

I had to stop Sausage from eating the clay, they are packed just like sweets so be warned!

Clay, not sweets!

There is a little leaflet with the characteristics of the monsters displayed on them, and instructions as to how to make them using the clay and the pieces of card.

The Moshi Monster characteristics for your chosen Clay Buddy.

To be truthful I wasn’t that impressed at all with them at first, and just thought they were another toy that looks great on the packet but looks like a blimp in reality. But, this is what Darlek made with hers.  It looks really impressive I think, and it didn’t take her more than 15 minutes.

A Moshi Monster Mash up!

A childs' eye view. These are very cartoon like, are double sided for extra dimensions, and look fun! The card is quite sturdy too.

One thing I did notice was that the clay is very malleable.  Plastacine can sometimes be very hard to mould unless it’s warmed by hand, and playdough has the opposite problem for more precise modelling.  This clay is the perfect mix of squishy and shapeable I think.  The colours are nice too, quite vibrant and if you’d like some these Moshi Monster Clay Buddies they are only £2.99 each.

*whispers* ‘Stocking filler……’

Moshi Monsters Clay Buddies were sent to me for review, and to squish into sausages as well as monsters – no other financial reward was given.

3 responses to “Moshi Monsters from Licence to PR

  1. Ahhh, wondered what was in those, I’ve just bought them as part of the birthday present (it’s a moshi monster sleepover) for a friend of Miss N.

  2. These look great, I think Ruby would love them.

    Thanks for reviewing them – *adds to stocking filler list*

  3. A Moshi Monster sleepover sounds fun! If you got a pack of these for each of them it’d keep them occupied for half an hour or so. Great idea!
    You know, it’s quite ironic. I haven’t even started my Xmas shopping, and yet I’m recommending stocking fillers. Not to self: Jump to it!

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