SilentSunday!  With a twist!

The original meme by Cosmic Girlie has ceased to be, but I (along with a lot of other bloggers) think its still a fabulous idea and I want to continue with it.

But…I’d like to personalise it a little.  I’ve decided I’ll post a picture every sunday of something that resembles an animal, but isn’t an animal.  Yes, that does make sense.  I shall search my surroundings for beasties in the most unusual of places.

Today I found a really huge caterpillar at the playground down the road.  Here it is!  I bet it gets through a ton of lettuce, and I’d love to see the butterfly!

By the way, I went out and bought a camera in the end, so I shall have piccies back! Expect blurred mug shots while I experiment.  In the meantime, here ya go!

It eats trees for lunch!


6 responses to “SilentSunday!

  1. Dodecahedrons! Love it!

  2. I will need to take a run to Irvine and join in with this one!!

  3. I reckon it’s a dog – has a close resemblance to K9 from Dr Who.

  4. I like this one, I’ll keep an eye out for some!

  5. It does kinda look like K9 you know. But no!!! I have decided it is a monster caterpillar named erm….Dave?

  6. Looking forward to those pictures!

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