#Botathon for Save The Children! – The Results!

#Botathon for Save The Children! – The Results!

Righteo!  After much ridiculous tweeting and a couple of people asking me if I was ok or not (I think they thought I was having a very public nervous breakdown on Twitter) I can reveal I summoned the grand total of 21 bots!  All of which are listed here if you’d like to look them up!  I think I’ve got the correct usernames here….

@AceRimmerbot, Monstermunchbot, @ginbotley, @RolandRatbot, @Finger_Fudgebot, @JaffaCakebot, @Whitstable_Twit, @DocElBrown, @BaldrickBot, @_Spell, @MrR0b0t0, @Twitchyeyebot, @MiniMilk_Bot @MwahahaBot, @Bagpussbot, CanterburyTwit, @Boast_Bot, @CardinalBot, @Facepalmbot, @TheTwatBot, @Dangermousebot

Which, if my maths hasn’t failed me…..equals…..oooh the suspense…..21 BOTS!!

On my Just Giving page we have raised £56, with £9 as a gift supplement.  Offline and via pledges on this blog, we have raised £30.45 which gives us the grand total of….

(bear with me a min, my maths stinks…….erm…erm…erm……)

£56 + £9 + £30.45 = £95.45  for Save The Children.


**Just to update as of 14/11 there’s the grand total of £110 collected on Just Giving with £20.39 Gift Aid. **  Fantastic! :O)

This is me giving you lot a huge pat on the back.

PAT ….PAT….PAT…PAT!!!!!!!!!!

It was a real laugh and I really appreciated all the help I got from people who suggested bots and joined in with the fun.  I also know it’s coming up to Xmas, we’re all struggling in our own way, and I think it’s lovely that people invested enthusiasm, time and donations into this daft little project of mine.


There is still time to donate, if you would like to.  The link is here and even the smallest amount makes a difference. :O) PLS CLICK HERE

P.S. I’d recommend following @BagpussBot because he’s cute, and the @TheTwatBot because I have a very immature sense of humour and it makes me laugh.


6 responses to “#Botathon for Save The Children! – The Results!

  1. Well Done You! I haven’t done it per Bot because I don’t like messy numbers, so I’ve made it a nice round number and with Gift Aid it goes over. Hope that’s OK.

  2. some of those bot names are truly odd lolol well done you for catching them ( sounds like a pat on the back for catching measles tee hee!)

  3. That’s absolutely lovely of you, thanks so much for your donation and your support in general. xxx :O)
    MibsXX I know what you mean about catching measles!!! I caught bots, lol!

  4. Very well done indeed! Pat on the bot for the bots too

  5. Very, very well done! Glad it was fun as well. That’s what giving should be all about!

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