Someone has just pointed out that this blog is entitled ‘Overlept’.  Can I just point out that is because I am inept and this is simply due to ‘Overleeping’.

The weather is cold, dank and grey and today the school run was particularly shivery.  So this morning, when I returned home with numb fingers and a freezing cold nose, I thought ‘I know, I’ll go and have a nice nap and warm up’ – which is something I never, ever do.  3 hours later I wake up.

I had plans to write reams on here about all sorts of stuff.  I had plans to sort our piles of washing.  I had plans to find out where the strange wee-wee smell was coming from in Sausage’s room.  I had plans to sort out the drifts of clothes in Darlek’s room.  Instead I’ve just about managed to clear the detritus from the living room , do washing up, feed the cat, put a load of washing on and swear quite a bit.  There’s no-one else in the house and that cat is very used to my bad language by now.  He just puts his paws over his ears.

I wouldn’t care, but I don’t even feel relaxed.  My first dream involved my youngest and my nephew playing chicken on the motorway and I couldn’t catch them.  The second one was about how I was late getting the kids to school, so I decided to have lunch up town and then take them to save time.  In the process I began dragging a portaloo around, for the life of me I can’t work out why.  Then I realised my iPad (I don’t even have an iPad) had been left at the bottom of town, so I left my two kids in the town centre with strict instructions not to move while I retrieved it.  Then I got reported to Social Services and I have a vague recollection of a bit of the dream where I’m shouting ‘FFS, they’re 3 and 6, they would have been fine!’  Throughout this random dream my son had rocketed to the size of a wrestler and was about 7ft tall.  Really, really odd.  And I’ve not even eaten any cheese.

So, come on you dream interpreters you!  What does a dream about lugging a portaloo about mean?  I can translate the other stuff as anxiety dreams, but where the hell does a portable toilet fit into the scheme of things.

Anyway, I can’t sit here rambling about loos.  I have a whole blummin day to catch up with.  I shall not be napping in the morning again.  I feel like someone’s nicked my day.  Not fair!



5 responses to “Overlept!

  1. got to be to do with the whole toilet training being a complete drag! It follows you round and is now haunting your dreams! arghhhhh run for you

  2. I could interpret your dreams, but the trurth is that the best person to interpret your dreams is you, because your dreams come to you in your own personal system of symbols.

    Right now, you’re catching up on your plans for the day, but if you want to learn, I’ve got a series of posts on my blog o make it easy to learn how to interpret your own ( and teach you how to program your dreams to answer your questions). I invite you to drop by when you can


  3. I often dream I am needing a pee, but can never find a toilet, or an unused toilet, or if I do its in a public place and it has no door on, and I just cant manage to do a pee…..then I wake up bursting for a pee!!

  4. Two things that I can relate to that are not to be recommended – having a nap that turns into a full-on sleep & dreams. I’m an avid dreamer. Often they follow a theme – late for an appointment but can’t find the venue. No idea where it comes from. Hope you caught up later!

  5. Lol, sounds like a normal day here in Mibsy’s world!

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