Quick explanatory blog post

Loose Ends

I have a number of reviews that I have pre-arranged so I’ll be getting a ton posted & out of the way.  I do like to fulfil my obligations!    Then I am on with my Brink of Bedlam plan outlined a blog or two ago.  Please bear with me while I tie up loose ends.

That has got to be the shortest blog post I’ve ever written.  Very uncharacteristic for me!  I’m tempted to write gibberish now just to fill space and so it looks like I’ve actually written a blog post of a decent length.

a;hjashgu lagbh igbhadighd ighdizkg hudizhvudfzighur isghuris elghrudsi lghbrdsivbh dribvhdfzbvhfzdv bhfdzvbhfdzbv hdzbvhfdzbvh fjz vbhfdjz bfhdbvhfdzvbhfdzv bhdfbvhdjkbvf

There, the blog looks a bit longer now, even if it makes no sense at all.  Same old, same old!  Why break the habit of a lifetime?


2 responses to “Quick explanatory blog post

  1. you forgot the pictures (Elaine ducks and runs)

  2. You speak the same Martian as BabyMibs! wow

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