Peppa Pig International Day & Other Stories!

Peppa Pig International Day & Other Stories: & a Competition!

Oink! Peppa Pig has been a firm favourite of ours for many a year now.  Sausage & Darlek are both fans of both mud and going ‘snort’ so this is definitely a keeper for us!

This DVD is in the shops now, and was released on Monday 24th October by Entertainment One – who have kindly donated a DVD as a prize for you lucky, lucky folks!  You should be as happy as pigs in mud!  In all truth this would make a nice little stocking filler so it might be worth your while to try your luck.  All you have to do is subscribe to the blog & put a comment in the comment box saying if you were a character in Peppa Pig, who would you be.  The winner will be drawn from a hat by one of my two darlings on the 15th November, 2011.

The RRP for this DVD is £12.99 and it is a Cert U, and is very cute!  There are 11 episodes about Peppa Pig and her family, and there’s a lot of laughter to be had!

Peppa Pig is a loveable, cheeky piggy who lives with her little brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig.   Peppa’s favourite things include playing games, dressing up, days out and jumping in muddy puddles.  Her adventures always end happily with loud snorts of laughter.

Join Peppa Pig and her little brother George for the lead International Day episode, where Peppa and all her friends at playgroup dress up as different countries from all over the world, and 10 other adventures that will have the whole famiy singing ‘Peppa Pig – Oink Oink!’

Episode listing: International Day – Grampy Rabbit’s boatyard – Shake Rattle and Bang – Pottery – Mr Fox’s Van – Biggest Puddle in the World – Chatterbox – Chloe’s big Friends – Edmond Elephant’s Birthday – Gym Class

BONUS EPISODE: Paper Aeroplane

for more info on the series please visit HERE!


13 responses to “Peppa Pig International Day & Other Stories!

  1. Hi! I subscribe to the blog via email.

    I don’t know which character I will be as I have never watch these stories so far, time to change this!


  2. We are big fans of peppapig and
    I would love to be peppa pig with my bright red wellington boots because I just love jumping in muddy puddles snort snort @kirsty22xx. Subscribed to your blog

  3. My little girl who’s 3 always calls me mummy pig and her dad daddy pig lol I don’t mind at home but you get some funny looks if your out in public haha x

  4. Subsribed to the blog, i would be Mummy Rabbit, the last episode i saw she was piloting a helicopter. How cool is she? x @zoecampbellyork

  5. I would be Mrs Rabbit because she has is the ultimate multi-tasker and never seems stressed. I would love her work/life balance. She runs the fire station, ice cream van, school fairs and can fly hot air balloons – that’s not even scratched the surface hero

  6. Hmmmm I would have t say that I think I would be Miss Rabbit, jack of all trades and able to turn m hand to anything 🙂

  7. I would be Edmond Elephant as I never forget
    thank youn this would be lovely for my granddaughter

  8. i have subscribed to your blog and following on twitter @bella97p

  9. Subscribed by email.

    I’d be Peppa. How else could I be a bossy piggy & jump in muddy puddles in red wellies.

  10. I’d have to be George. His one-upmanship on Peppa is hilarious at times. And of course, Dinosaurs 🙂

  11. Seeing as my daughter told me yesterday I had a tummy liked daddy pigs, my character has been chosen for me! I would rather be miss rabbit though!

  12. Thought it was sweet that Peppa pig had won a Bafta….then I found out she’s not even a real pig!!

  13. The number randomly drawn was 5, so the winner is Eve Bell! Please could you contact me with your email address so I can confirm you are subscribed, and then I’ll request the DVD be sent out ASAP! Thank you and congratulations! :O)

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