The Froobles! from Top That Publishing

The Froobles!  

Top That Publishing

It's a Cheerful Vegetable! What a surprise!!

Carrots wear roller boots of course!

Ok, this is going to be a bit difficult for me.  I really do not particularly like these books at all.  The drawings irritate me.  I think I might be allergic to cute veg and strange witchy line drawings – see below.  Plot-wise, I find it annoying too.  I’m all for positive messages, but I find it a bit toe-curlingly ‘good’.

‘If you want your friend back you will do exactly as I say!’ shouted the furious witch.

So Chloe cooked two big pizzas.  But because Chloe is a very healthy Frooble, she made the witch a delicious salad too.

It's like the witch has flow in from another completely different book!

But, the books aren’t aimed at a mid 30’s mum are they? They’re aimed at kids, and yes, my kids like them.  They also have a very good message at the core of them – healthy food is good for you!  The Froobles books include stickers, which is something that my two love, so that is a bonus.

If you would like to buy one of these books they retail for £2.99 each and there are 12 of them for you to collect.  Sausage & Darlek love them, unfortunately they will have to read them themselves because I refuse to, but that is my personal opinion.  Others would love to read them I’m sure.

I think I must be in a minority because judging by this press release these books have been a huge hit.  It says:

The Froobles brand was launched with 12 printed titles and a dedicated website ( in September and will be supported by iPhone, iPad and iTouch Apps (with celebrity narration) that are due to be released on iTunes in November.  Enhanced eBooks are also now available on iTunes and an activity book range will be published in 2012.

Dan Graham, Editiorial Director said, ‘The feedback, reviews and sales following the launch of the first 12 The Froobles books has been fantastic!  The colourful characters, wholesome brand values and positive message in the stories seems to have struck a chord with parents, children and buyers alike’

They’ve just not struck a chord with me!  Maybe I’m just awkward….


3 responses to “The Froobles! from Top That Publishing

  1. I like an honest report. But it is all personal taste, my MIL used to buy my kids Beatrix Potter books and I HATE the things, and never read a one of them to the kids, and my kids/grandkids never got into them, probably because no adult encouraged them. Now give us a winnie the pooh book!!

  2. I prefer all the old tales, Aesops Fables and the original versions of Goldilocks etc. Have you noticed how they have “modernised and santised” so many of the old favourites?

  3. I think it’s the old Nanny State thing MibsXX, but kids like to be scared a bit, and love the grotesque every now and then. Roal Dahl was hardly tame was he?! or Grimms Fairy tales for that matter. And yes Elaine! I love Winnie the Pooh, adore him in fact. We’re reading that one at the moment, as opposed to the Froobles *shudders*

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