Rastamouse Plush Toy & DVD

Rastamouse Plush Toy & DVD

This is a cool mouse!!!

Evolution PR sent me this dude of a mouse to review, and I have to say I haven’t got a clue about what he’s saying half of the time.  Yes, it talks, and no I haven’t stopped taking the medication…. If you press Rastamouse’s tummy he recites sounds, phrases and music from the TV Show.  The theme tune is a particular favourite for my two, and they have taken to singing along to it very loudly.

Does anyone else have one of these toys and if so, please can you translate for me?  I swear he says ‘Irene, your man!’ or ‘I’ll ring ya mam!’  but I think I must be wrong.  The accent is very strong and I suspect I am very middle english.  *blushes*

If you’d like your very own incomprehensible cool dude of a Rastamouse Plush Toy it’ll set you back just £12.89 HERE.

Rastamouse came on the school run with us this morning and it was played with that much, that when they finally gave up pressing his tummy, I could still hear the music going around in my head like a track on repeat.  It’s very catchy!

This a good quality toy with a fantastically long ‘ziggy-zaggy’ tail as Sausage called it today.  Rastamouse is well made, and the T’shirt can be taken off too, which is nice as kids like dressing and undressing toys don’t they.

This is 'Down with the kids!' (I know all the lingo!... ;o)

The DVD that came with the toy is ‘Da Crucial Plan & Other Adventures’ and there are three bonus ‘tings’ too. You can buy it HERE if you like for £8.49.  My only complaint is that there are no subtitles.  What is this mouse talking about?!! Sausage & Darlek love it though, so I’m presuming they can speak Mouse.


4 responses to “Rastamouse Plush Toy & DVD

  1. I think it is Irie Man! Which means happy in Jamaican slang. We love Rastamouse, I think Bud’s Daddy and I love it far more than Bud does!

  2. He’s amazing!! He’s on the Christmas lists already! hee hee x

  3. After some mild research, it appears that he may be saying ‘irie’ which is a Jamaican patois meaning ‘to be at total peace with your current state of being. The way you feel when you have no worries’. I guess it’s the Bart Simpson of ‘don’t have a cow man!’

  4. I still don’t get Rastamouse, lol, but BabyMibs quite likes it!

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