New Blog for Reviews, Offers & Competitions!

New Blog for Reviews, Offers and Competitions!

After much soul searching I’ve decided that my conflict of interests in regards to reviews and content can only be solved by a new blog.  I’m still going to review here for my official blog sponsors (as outlined on the About page), but any other promotions / competitions from any other PR Agencies will appear on my new blog project.

This new venture is  a brand spanking, giving-my-honest-and-to-the-point-opinion kinda blog about products that businesses are trying to get you to notice. I think I’ve proved I’m a fair reviewer over the last few years, and I want to continue on that path.  If you’d like to join me at the new blog, please click here and sign up for further updates.  I’ll do my best to inform & entertain with the same wit and detail I’ve always pursued on here, I promise!

Funnily enough, I’m running a competition on there already.  I can’t think of a name for it, and it’s currently called ‘Any Suggestions?’ which is a rubbish name for a blog.  If you’d like to suggest a name please either comment on the new blog HERE, or tweet me with the hashtag #compyblog and the suggested name.  The prize will be drawn tomorrow evening and it will be a custom made piece of jewellery made by my own fair hands.  Go on, have a go.

The Brink of Bedlam blog has always featured posts about how I want to focus on my writing, and every time I seem to revert to blogging about all and sundry and going back on myself.  This time I want it to be different.  So there will be still be reviews on here, but only from blog sponsors.  It should improve the content, and make it more focused in regards to parenting and the trials and tribulations therein.

Anyway!  If you’d like to keep me company on my new bloggy challenge venture thingumyjig, I’d love it if you’d click HERE & sign up for updates.  Thank you for all your support, it means more to me than you know.  It might not be immediately obvious, but I spend s0 much time trying to make this l’il old blog of mine worth reading.  It’s all a learning curve.

*sings ‘Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my blog, it took me hours to write, will you take a look?* (to the tune of Paperback Writer by the Beatles)


One response to “New Blog for Reviews, Offers & Competitions!

  1. thanks for letting me know

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