Moa – the Green Balm

Moa – the Green Balm

I always thought Moa’s were huge extinct Ostrich type creatures, but I must have been grossly misled, because apparently it is in fact a balm that is very good for your skin and has anti-bacterial properties.  I know this because I have a tub of Moa on my desk and it looks nothing like an Ostrich.

I thought I might have been getting one of these in the post - Source Wikapedia.

Throughout my life I have suffered from excema and dry skin, often triggered by excessive hand washing due to nappy changing and housework, and also because of stress unfortunately.  I was once so bad I struggled to do buttons up without cracking the skin on the joins of my fingers.  Horrible.  Thankfully I don’t have it too badly at the moment, but as a result of my experiences I am always very wary of perfumed handcreams and soaps, they can set off allergic reactions sometimes.

Look no feathers!

So, with this in mind, when I was sent this balm to review, I was a little cautious.  I spot tested it first on a small patch on the back of my hand.  Even a small amount seemed to go a very long way.  Moa balm has a texture very similar to vaseline, only slightly softer and squishier to the touch.  I have to say it smells very slightly of Vicks vapour rub, but I think that’s the tea-tree medicated smell really.  It didn’t react at all, and simply moisturised my dry hands very nicely.  They felt a lot more supple after a more generous application.  This is what the cream looks like on a teaspoon.  I decided not to photograph it on my skin, as I don’t like my hands.

A cream coloured opaque appearance, nice n' easy to apply.

Blends easily into the skin, leaving only hydrated hands, not slimy mitts.

It does rub into skin very easily, and doesn’t leave an overly greasy residue, so it’s easy to use.  I particularly like using it as a lip balm, it tingles very, very slightly and moisturises them perfectly. I’ve found perfumed lip balms have actually inflamed chapped lips in the past, but this showed no signs of doing that at all.  It didn’t taste overly strong either so it didn’t matter if I chewed my lip.

I also have a sore finger at the moment, one of my fingernails ripped off the other day and I’ve been a complete wimp about it.  When I applied the balm to it, it didn’t sting or hurt at all, and I’m presuming that it’s done quite a bit of good because of the Tea Tree and Yarrow healing element.

Now this bit impressed me!

The list above is very impressive.  It’s all good stuff and there’s nothing that I can take issue with at all.  I do like products that are ethically produced, and the less ‘nasties’ (ie, preservatives, chemicals) there are the better!

If you’d like further information you can visit the website for, quote: ‘Behold my website for all my wierd and wonderful uses.’

I’ve had a good wander around the website and it truly does sound like marvellous stuff!  The only thing I take issue with is, how on earth can the stuff make your eyelashes grow longer, and can any cream really help fade stretch marks?  I thought both of the above were simply things that we are predisposed to and no amount of balm will ever make any difference.  Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong in my assumptions though!  Moa apparently attracts fish too, I have to say I’ve not tried so I have no idea whether this works or not.

A 50ml tub of Moa – the Green Balm is £9.99.  This did initially sound a little steep to me, but the stuff will last you forever!  You only need use a tiny bit at a time.

For all you compers out there, they are running a competition on Facebook at the moment whereupon you can win a share in a bee hive (how cool is that!), and three other winners will win lurvely jars of honey from the Moa bee hive and a pot of Moa each.  I’m a great fan of bees and am very happy that Moa are doing their best to support our fuzzy buzzy friends.

I genuinely like Moa balm, and I really love their website.  It’s written with humour, has cute simple illustrations and they seem to be really nice people with an interest in the environment and in health.  Good eggs, something like that.

…which brings me back to oversize Ostriches again.


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  1. Umm! I think I need a visit & my eyelashes do need a bit of a make over! 😉

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