Sponsored Twitter #Botathon! for Save The Children

Sponsored Twitter #Botathon for Save The Children!

The Spelling Owl Bot! (Dunno if he looks like this, I'm just guessing)

This is maybe a little bizarre, but this is the plan!  I’m running a sponsored #Botathon on Twitter in aid of Save The Children!  I’m afraid you’ll probably have to be a bit of a Twitter addict to know what I’m talking about.  If you’re sat there drinking your coffee thinking I’m talking in a foreign language, just ask me what I’m on about next time you see me.  I shall do my best to explain things clearly, and will probably confuse you more, but I will try!

If you want to read about bots and what they are, please click HERE for further information!

This exciting Twit-Challenge will be on the evening of the 11th November, Friday.  The time will be when I can finally get my little monsters up to bed.  Probably around 8pm, tantrums permitting.

In a nutshell, I’m going to see how many ‘Bots’ I can get to retweet me in 2 hours.  These are automated Twitter accounts that are triggered by keywords, such as ‘Custard Cream’ which attracts a Custard Cream Bot and the associated silly phrases it comes out with.  There are many Bots out there, ranging from the Dangermouse Bot to the Fish Bot.  Those are the ones that I’m going to try and get involved in this, not the dodgy Bots that tweet spam.  They can sit in their lonely corner of Twitter eating spam sandwiches for all I care.

I want the fun Bots only!  Particularly the DangerMouse bot.  *sings Dangermouse!!!  DangerMouuuuse!!!  He’s Amazing, he’s fantastic, he’s the greatest hero of them aaaallll!*

*Kay regains control of herself*  Sorry couldn’t help myself then.

Imagine a ton of these loose around the Twitterverse!

These Bots are not necessarily predictable so I can’t guess how many will turn up.  It depends on how busy they are around the Twitterverse.  On this Thursday night I managed to summon (ooh!  Sounds all a bit magical doesn’t it!) 7 in an hour and  half, but I wasn’t really trying too hard then.  A few retweeted me the next morning, many didn’t turn up at all.  That is maybe a bit of guidance if you’re unsure as to how much you want to sponsor per Bot.

If any of you kind souls would like to donate a certain amount for each Bot I manage to coax out of the annals of Twitter (how rude does that sound!), I’d be very grateful.  I don’t care if you only pledge a penny per Bot, absolutely anything is appreciated.

I’ll put the pledges on here & after the event you can make your donation to the Just Giving page which I have set up here!   JUST GIVING #Botathon for Save The Children.

I want a load of these on my Twitter Stream on the 11th Nov!

I’m hoping it’ll be a laugh, might raise a penny or two for a good cause, and it’ll give me something to do of a Friday night!  Bots beware!  We’re after ya!!!!!

The Rules!  

1)     I pledge to only use phrases or sentences that make grammatical sense and don’t go over 140 characters.  Punctuation, smunctuation!!!  I’m not bothering with the technicalities of full stops & speech marks though.  ;O)

2)     I also pledge that I shan’t research the Bots beforehand , I’ll only be given their names on the actual evening, so I can’t prepare sentences in advance.  That way it’ll be more off the cuff, more difficult, and hopefully funnier.  If people mention them to me, I’ll thank you kindly and refer you to the person who is collating a Twitter list of them for the evening.   I shan’t write them down myself, as that would be cheating. 

3)     Only Bots that appear within the 2 hours, and for 1 hour after the #Botathon tweeting  has finished will be included. 

4)    Once the #Botathon has ended, all donations will be tallied up and I’d really appreciate it if you could submit them to the Just Giving account fairly soon afterwards so I can work out how much has been raised. 

Does that make sense, or is that as clear as mud?  Please do just ask me if you don’t know what I’m talking about!!!

If anyone would like to make helpful suggestions about how to go about this, add anything constructive, please do contact me via Twitter or via the comments box here.


10 responses to “Sponsored Twitter #Botathon! for Save The Children

  1. Only thing I’d say is I wish you were using virgin instead of just giving. Other than that, good luck! And I’ll give you 10 p a bot.

    Technical point, some bots @ instead of RT, I’m assuming they count too?

  2. They do count! :O) Good point. x

  3. Julia Skinner has donated £10 upfront, which is absolutely brilliant! Thank you!

  4. great idea – do you want bot tips? (mine is: Monster munch)

  5. Cunning plan ;0) < that one should get you a good one!

    I'll pledge you 20p per bot x

  6. I want to know whos throwing the tantrums? You? Mr Chaos? or the kids?

  7. absolutely nuts as per usual, lol, I shall of course be doing my usual blast this all over the net!
    Trust me guys, the recent impromtu trial WAS bliddy hilarious!

  8. Good luck!! I’ll donate £10 upfront too

  9. I’ll give £1 per bot, so please don’t get over £100 or we don’t eat next week! And even if they are all on holiday I promise a £10 minimum. Good luck, and remember, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition even if they go to Whitstable and get tw*tted on Wagon Wheels, Curly Wurlys, Custard creams, Mini Milk and Kit Kats.

  10. I will give you 15p a bot. Great cause and a very original way to raise money.

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