Fancy Dress Disco!

Fancy Dress Disco!

Today Darlek had a fancy dress disco at school.  She woke up early, dressed herself and came in to tip me out of bed.  I was shattered as usual, but even so, her enthusiasm for her outfit was infectious.

We had a bit of a laugh getting her ready, she was a Sparkly Pink Fairy you see. Cerise pink tights and purple leggings over the top, with a fairy dress that was probably designed for a 5 year old worn as a top  in shades of purple and pink taffeta with a matching cerise fabric rose in her hair.  The fairy look was completed with a pair of pink sparkly wings with elastic bands to keep them on her shoulders, and a little pink wand with a light rose coloured star at the end of it. She looked simply beautiful!  Really, really cute.  And yes, very girly.  For today, all thoughts of stereotyping were banished.  Pink definitely suits her, so what the heck!  As long as she doesn’t start saying she wants to be Jordan when she grows up I suppose I don’t mind so much.  That I would draw the line at.

Pretty in Pink!

A Pumpkin, A Zombie and a Wicked Fairy from last Halloween's dressing up. Darlek's Spiderweb Skirt came from the Dressing Up Chest.

Her brother went off to Nursery and for two days in a row now he hasn’t wailed and clung to my leg.  Amazing!  For the last two years he’s regularly done a limpet impression every single time I’ve dropped him off. I’ve almost always left nursery with a lump in my throat thinking that I’m mentally scarring him because I’m leaving him – but today he happily toddled off into the playground after a quick cuddle and a peck on the cheek.  We had to leave his pile of sticks by his coat peg though, nursery don’t appreciate his ‘tree-house’ building sticks either particularly.

Once both kids were dropped off at their respective schools / nurseries I returned home to do a little freelance secretarial stuff for my neigbour, whereupon I gabbled about chutney a lot and didn’t really get much done.  Still I’m getting a little bit better with Excel after not having touched it for about 8 years or so.  The last time I used that programme I was working as a temp for a company that sold underwear and I spent forever cataloguing and pricing up and generally completely mucking up their Excel admin systems.  In all truth I handed my notice in after two weeks, apologised profusely, rang my agency and  begged them never to put me in a job that involved manipulating numbers in any shape or form ever again.  It was all very amicable, although I was rather upset not to have made it in the business world of ‘Pants!’ or whatever the name was.  I’m telling the absolute truth when I say they went bust about 6 months later.  I blame me and my crap maths.  I’m presuming they never recovered.

Anyway! After that I went for yet another trip to hospital for a check up for my stupid misbehaving stomach.  Apparently everything is looking very good and I just have to ‘keep taking the tablets’ which is something many people have told me over the years (except they usually have a half smile on their face at the time) – this time, the doc actually meant it.  I’m generally doing ok though.  It was a great relief to be told that diet doesn’t actually affect Colitis particularly, and that it just seems to happen – although some foods can aggravate it.  So when someone tells me rather terrifyingly that ‘Fibre is the ENEMY!’ and ‘Do not, under any circumstances use pepper on your dinner, EVER’ I am within my rights to completely ignore them.  We’re all different and react to different things.  I wish I’d been told this at the start though, I spent 3 months without even eating an orange.  It’s a shame that information can be so scrambled and confusing, depending on who you talk to really.  But that’s another rant for another day.

Luckily the appointment finished on time and my mum and I went to pick up Darlek & Sausage, both seemed a little tired and begged for TV.  I was a lame ass and agreed, they were good for a while and then Sausage commenced hitting Darlek with toy cars and there was a fair bit of squealing.  I wish they wouldn’t fight!  It makes me want to buy a taser.  Don’t tell Social Services I said that… The day ended with them reluctantly slinking off upstairs to get ready for bed.  We had one very tired fairy and a slightly obnoxious & similarly over-tired Sausage.

Pink Pirate Ahoy! Shiverrr me timberzzz!

Speaking of a fancy dress kind of day – before I go I’d just like to mention a lovely lady I know from Twitter who can be found under the username @DressingUpChest, her blog is HERE and her website is HERE!  You know when you chat to people online a lot (yes I’m addicted to social media!) and you get a bit of a feel for what they’re like?  Well Libby, who runs The Dressing Up Chest is a really friendly, nice person and someone I suppose I’ve got to know a little over the years.  So I have no qualms at all about recommending her website if you’re looking for an outfit to dress up your little darlings / demons.  The above Pink pirate outfit was one that we’ve had for a while now.  It’s really meant to be for girls I think, well, OK, it’s definitely intended for girls at least.  You can’t see too well from the photo but the edges of the skirt are cleverly gathered up to make it look like a bubble style, held up with ribbon.  The skulls motif is very piratey too! Everything I have come across that has been made by the Dressing Up Chest is beautifully finished and made with a lot of skill as far as I can see.  They might cost more than the outfits you find in some shops, but they’ll last a hell of a lot longer.

This isn’t a sponsored post by the way, I just love Libby’s stuff!


2 responses to “Fancy Dress Disco!

  1. Great post Kay, glad the tablets are working 😉
    I agree Libby is such a lovely lady and I would recommend her every day!

    You did make me laugh about the knicker firm!!

  2. oooh I am loving all the costumes! Fabulous! xx

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