Plastic Pies

Plastic Pies

It’s been like hells’ hinges out there today, the wind has been rattling the letterbox, the rain has been pattering on the glass and I’ve been snug inside watching it all. You see I had no school run or nursery run today, I’ve simply been doing the equivalent of hibernating with my two little bundles of energy to keep me company.  Darlek had a cough over the weekend and this morning when she woke up and croaked like a little old lady, I took pity on her and said she didn’t have to go into school.  Half an hour after I rang school and said I was keeping her at home she boinged back to her normal self and was absolutely fine.  It wasn’t as if she was actually skiving really, I think she just felt rubbish in the morning and played on it a little.  I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

When I was a kid (and when I was a working lass) I remember doing the same thing, so I can’t say much really.  I too am blessed with a voice that cracks and sounds awful when I even have the slightest of colds.  It was always an absolute bonus when I was a bit off colour and didn’t want to go into work.  Don’t tell my old boss, but I used to make sure I coughed lots, didn’t have anything to drink, smoked half a fag and then rang up to make my excuses.  Because I sounded so appalling I was usually met with sympathy and ‘come back in when you can’ which I did.  Not that I skived lots, just every now and then. Well, about twice a year.  So shoot me!  I worked my arse off for the rest of the year so you can’t judge me too badly.  (If anyone is thinking of offering me a job at any point, I promise I am now a reformed character)

So for that reason, I cannot feel too annoyed with Darlek.  In fact she’s been lovely company.  She’s been playing with her brother very well, there’s been no tears or scrapping, although a bit of bickering over the TV at times.  But she will be back in tomorrow, no matter how bad the weather is or how croaky she is.

Pluses - Very clever toy, makes plastic pies rise in the oven! Minuses - You can't eat them!

They’ve been playing at tea parties with a little Disney Princess Magic Rise Oven that Evolution PR sent through.  Darlek initially looked at it and sneered a little, whilst saying that she was ‘too big for it’.  In the same way, Sausage said that it was ‘a girls’ toy’ – but they’ve both been absolutely fixated with it.  They made buns and pies in the oven which sort of cooks (well re-inflates) them at the wave of a bright pink plastic wand that goes ‘Bzzzzing!’ when it goes near the front of the oven.  If only cooking tea was that easy, I’d buy one of these in a flash!  Now there’d be a microwave I’d  give my left arm for!  Having said that, you could not possibly get a frillier, pinker, frothier, girlier, princessier oven even if you asked the Little Mermaid herself to design it.  Even just looking at it makes me feel like I’ve eaten 10 bags of sweet pink sherbert.  Mind you, that’s what these Disney toys are like, and that is apparently what the kids go for.  My kids are no exception, despite the age thing, and despite my youngest being a boy – I can’t believe I just typed that…

This is actually the thing that bugs me.  Why should my 3 year old, who has played with his sister’s toys all his life, who has had me teaching him to hoover and make cakes think that this is a ‘girls’ toy’.  Perhaps all my efforts have been in vain?  Maybe he will grow up and want to be a soldier after all.  I’m hoping that this particular toy might be part of the solution here, he has, after all played with this absolutely loads even if he was initially a bit dismissive.  I’m wondering if I nudge him towards playing with toy ovens, maybe he’ll want to be chef instead?  That way he can cook me, Horace and his sister exotic meals instead of beggaring off to the other side of the world where people can shoot at him?  It’s a thought!  On the other hand, he will do what he wants to do, no matter which way I nudge him in life I suppose – which is the best way for him to be.

I have two celebrity chefs in training now! :O)

Darlek has thrown herself into the cooking make-believe too.  The cakes were taken out of the oven and placed on a tray on the sofa.  When I tried to move them I was told off and told to ‘leave them outside to cool’.  She’d decorated the cakes with the plastic topping and had added real grapes to decorate them too.  Very cute.  I just wish that they were edible too.  I don’t think you can beat ‘real’ food.  Frankly chewing on fake food just doesn’t cut it with me.  Nothing compares to a real flour-all-over-the-floor cooking afternoon with buns to actually eat at the end of it all.  It’s funny really, Darlek (our little Tom-Boy) became as girly as anything and I saw a side of her I’ve not seen very much.  She told me to pretend to be a princess coming to a tea-party and I obliged, whereupon I was fed grapes, cups of water, and pretended to eat plastic pies – while they giggled and pretended to give me our kitty as a ‘present for the princess’.   The kitty wasn’t playing though and ran off.  Obviously this particular toy is fascinating for children, but is really very boring for kitties.  I think they should re-write the information on the side of the box……’Suitable for ages 3 and up, but not for kitties (they think it’s rubbish)’

That is about as far as today’s activities went.  I also cleaned the bathroom, but that isn’t exactly earth shatteringly important news.  Mind you, it makes me happy!  Another bit of domestic drudgery I hate, out of the way.  Woo Hoo!  There is almost nothing I hate more than cleaning that frigging bathroom.  I’d rather walk miles in the rain than spend 3/4 hour on my hands and knees scrubbing a bathroom.  Even thinking about it makes my invisible hackles rise. So yes, I’m happy to have done that today at least.

You know, I read something the other day about how bloggers should always keep their posts concise and short.  I ignored it.  My own life is often long-winded, goes off topic, get’s confused and goes up and down a bit – so why should my blog not do exactly the same.  Fekkit I say!

PS. I was given the extremely pink & frilly looking Disney Princess Magic Rise Oven from Jakks Pacific to review by Evolution PR, no other financial reward was given.  If you’re interested you can view it here!

4 responses to “Plastic Pies

  1. I think the girls’ toy comment is probably down to the colour of the oven? I know I’ve been trying to get Bud some pretend play toys and it is quite difficult to find unisex toys. The Early Learning Centre is a particular culprit – boys do grow into men, who become chefs and even – on occasion – cook dinner so why is it so difficult to find pretend house toys that aren’t overtly girly?

  2. my daughter got a garage and cars for her 4th Christmas, cos its what she wanted and dint have a brother at that stage, and later on the younger brother use to play with dolls and buggies and irons and such like, and they all turned out fairly normal

  3. Thats really funny – my LO is obsessed with tea parties! I have to keep her happy making endless amounts of packet cupcakes that she doesn’t even like (well, she’ll lick the icing off)
    Then the other day, she saw some cooking show on TV as I was flicking through – they were making pizza and now she’s desperate to make pizza.
    Of course, she too chews on fake food till there’s no tomorrow. I just wish she’d eat the real thing – but thats a whole other issue.
    Oh – just to balance it, she made me buy a comic last week with free plastic cars/trains etc 🙂

  4. Your blog is exactly that, yours, it should reflect you as a person and is doing a fantastic job of that, ignore those who try to preach that their way is the only way. I think your blog is the best I’ve seen, it amuses me and comforts me at times too and I can always rely on you being completely honest, totally unique and an all round fab person. So stuff the haters and carry on being you. You’re great!

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