Cheshire Food Festival!

Cheshire Food Festival!

Today we went on a foodie adventure!

I was lucky enough to win a family ticket to Cheshire Food Festival courtesy of @KidsNorthWest, so today we got our rucksack packed with spare pants for Sausage, changes of tops in case of drinks disasters and wet wipes for all eventualities.  The rest of the room left in the bag was reserved for food of course!  When in Rome as they say…

Horace is obsessive about his coffee, I was worried about him driving off with this little car when they weren't looking.

We arrived at midday at Walton Hall grounds and parked up.  The kids were very excited and expected the place to be afloat with liquid chocolate I think.  I suspect they were a little disappointed when they arrived to find marquees and food stalls, but their spirits definitely rose when we began wandering around.  This was mainly because so many of the stalls were offering samples for people to taste, and my kids are never behind the door when it comes to food, free or otherwise.  I was equally happy to try any sample wafted in front of my nose.  It’s a great way to sell things, you’re not just judging things by way of their pretty packaging, you actually know how things taste and if you like them.

No, it doesn't bite.

Our two decided they wanted their faces painting, so for £1 each they became ‘Piderman’ (Spiderman) and Flower Girl!  Sausage looked positively scary, and looked even scarier after about half an hour had passed – he kept pawing at his face and all the colours merged until he looked like he’d spent all afternoon alternating  between being sunburnt and down a coalmine.

It was a brilliant location, Walton Hall has a free children’s zoo with a lovely selection of different poultry, donkeys, peacocks, red squirrels, pigs, guinea fowl, parrakeets & others I can’t remember the names of; there is a large playground for kids of all ages; a crazy golf set up; a bowling green (I think that’s what it was) and oodles of room for children to run around in.  This was ideal, as our two did find the event interesting, but there’s only so much chutney a 3 year old and a 6 year old can look at.


In Walton Hall itself they had some cooking demonstrations, along with the face painting, the children’s crafts and the craft market.  I sat in on one of the cooking demonstrations, but Sausage and Darlek were rather bored so we set off to the park instead.  It was a shame as it seemed very interesting.  I was pleased and excited to see the chef recommending Smash as an ingredient to use in fishcakes, you see I knew I was a excellent chef all along!  This I already do!! (polishes halo)

Toothache in a box, but it was worth it! Four fabulous flavours of fudge!

My one bug bear (is that the phrase?) is that we decided to buy lunch there, this was because we were sure there’d be some gorgeous food on offer.   As it was, there was a huge range, but I stupidly forgot the extortionate prices of takeaway food at festivals.  For three cheeseburgers, one ham and cheese pancake and a can of coke, it set us back just over £16.  Scary and we should have taken a packed lunch!  To be absolutely honest, you’d think that at a ‘Food Festival’ there’d be discounts on produce maybe?  Perhaps I’m naive, but I did get the impression that most of the prices had been hoicked up a quid or two. Still, it would have been impossible to have left without buying something!

We have enough bread to satisfy even the hungriest of bread monsters.

Creem Egg and Skittles flavoured vodka. Sweeeet! ;O)

Definitely my favourite of all the chutneys we tasted! I'm hoping it will help me see in the dark too.

I very nearly bought some Sticky Toffee Cheese but changed my mind at the last minute. There was every variety you could think of!

My absolute favourite buy! Sips of this brought to mind slightly floral mead and sweet sherry. Heaven in a bottle!

We set off home at 4pm, having had a really lovely day out.  It worked out so well because of the variety of activities.  Genuinely there really was something for every age and taste.  Many thanks for @KidsNorthWest for the tickets and for @CheshireFoodFes for organising such a fabulous do.  Keep it up!

If you’d like to visit @KidsNorthWest’s website please click HERE!  They have a ton of places to go listed on there along with special offers and more.

The website for Cheshire Food Festival is HERE if you want to see what what was on offer and what to look out for next year.

Alternatively, Walton Hall is a great place to visit even when the festival isn’t on, if you’d like to visit their website for details, please click HERE!

This is not a sponsored post, we just had such a good time, I wanted to blog about it :O)

2 responses to “Cheshire Food Festival!

  1. I was there on Saturday! Lovely food, but really expensive. I so nearly bought some of that fudge 🙂 Just came home with some gorgous raspberry yoghurt and some goats cheese. I watched the cookery demo by Aiden Byrne from the Church Green in Lymm. Was really enjoying it until he picked on me to go up on the stage and feed pasta through the machine for him – still got my fingers 🙂
    My children virtually grew up in Walton Gardens – just at the end of the road for me.

  2. Oh what a nostalgia-fest this post was for me! Walton Hall was very close to my childhood home and we used to often go there for family trips – close enough for us to go on a whim on a sunny Sunday morning and still be home in time to cook the roast.
    I well remember the children’s zoo and playground, and the lawns rinning down to it with sloping parts that were great fun to run down, and the mulberry tree in the gardens which, of course, had to be danced round while singing the appropriate song…. oh, I’m going to be daydreaming about the place all day! They never had anything exciting like a food fastival in those days, but I would have loved to be at the one you went to.

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