Gardening in a Jungle

Gardening in a Jungle

This morning we got up late, had bacon butties, the sun shone and the kids didn’t try to murder each other – so it was a very good start to the day.  Because of the good weather, we decided a bit of gardening was in order.  Horace decided to fell a tree (as you do) and I decided to rip out some of the weeds.  As usual Sausage & Darlek decided to run around in ever decreasing circles.

After a really relaxing walk around Wycollar Dene, where we trawled riverbanks for fossils and I searched for arrowheads and lost treasure, we arrived home invigorated and determined to ‘do stuff!’.

Gardening Express very kindly sent me a package of plants earlier this week and today I thought I should make these plants feel properly at home.  So, armed with gardening gloves, spades, forks, trowels and aforementioned package, we set about making a dent in the weed population, which is no mean feat in our jungle.

Four plants perfectly packaged and ready for planting!

These are the plants I was sent, and they were really nicely packaged when they arrived.  There was no loose soil all over the place, and they weren’t battered or tattered at all.  Considering they’d just travelled quite a way in a cardboard box, they were in brilliant shape.

Can you see the weeds shaking? They're terrified!

As you can no doubt see, there are a ton of weeds in the background there.  That is where the plants are destined to go.  The whole garden  looks like that if I’m being honest , we’ve only just started trying to get on top of things, having only had the garden for a couple of months.  There’s a ton of trees that need felling too.  Horace is enjoying playing at ‘Lumberjacks’ though, and I plan to buy him a checked shirt some time soon. Cue Monty Phython’s song ‘I’m a Lumberjack and I’m OK!’.  Forgive me if I’ve made that joke before, it just constantly amuses me. Horace is a ‘puter geek as a rule, and I struggle to take him seriously in his outdoorsy role.  So, anyway!  The kids and I waged war on the weeds!

Die Dock leaves, Die!!

Yes, before you ask, we’re using a small plastic paddling pool as a weed container. Some thieving git stole our wheelbarrow.  I hope the wheels fall off.  I’m not annoyed or anything…much.  Darlek got stuck in despite the silly gardening equipment and helped loose the weeds while I hauled them out of the ground as best I could.  At one point I put all my energy into ragging a blackberry bush out of the ground and fell arse over tit (a beautifully illustrative term I find!) into a pile of nettles.  It hurt and as I type my back feels very slightly warm and fizzy, nettle stings are wierd.

Sausage went off on his own and attempted to plant a huge stick.  He gets seedlings confused with sticks I think.  Good attempt though!

10/10 for effort!

Eventually we cleared a bit of room for one of the plants at least and here it is! I’m hoping it’ll grow up the fence with a bit of support, and we’ll have a pretty pink flower backdrop to that patch of garden. That’s the plan.  I suspect we’ll have to do battle with the blackberries to make sure they don’t take over that patch again though.   The other plants will be in situe next weekend I hope.  Weather permitting.  I shall be doing a sun dance on Friday.  I don’t know if there is such a thing, but even if not, I’ve decided to make one up.  I hate gardening in the cold & drizzle.  It’ll probably involve me shouting ‘Stop bl**dy raining!’ at the heavens and waving my arms around a bit.

Onwards and upwards I hope!

This is rather a long post, sorry.  I just love wittering on about our little patch. After getting wound up with the kids for standing all over the bit I was weeding I packed it in and went for a wander around to see what I could find.  This old tree stump had some amazing fungus growing on it, they looked like tiny black matches with white tips.  Any ideas about what it is?

Anyone know what this fungus is called?Just click to enlarge the photo.

My last photo is of some of the pretty weeds that I refuse to dig up as yet.  They look like big rounded daisies and they are everywhere!  Much prettier than dock leaves.  Something I adore about our garden is that there is so much to see  even if you just have a quick look around.  It’s like having our own bit of mini woodland.  Although I might get stressed about all the work that’ll be involved in getting it all in check, it’s an absolute joy to amble around, especially on a sunny day.

Pretty weeds can stay for the moment!

This is another ‘sponsored-ish’ post, it is mostly just me going on about gardens, but I do have to mention Gardening Express who have helped make a little corner of our jungle look that little bit more respectable.  I can’t wait to see those plants really growing and coming into their own.   When I get the others bedded in, I’ll post a pic of them too.

If you’re into gardening, and even if you’re not and you just like looking at pictures of flowers, please do have a dig around their site HERE!  They have some beautiful plants, are very friendly and I’d certainly recommend them!


6 responses to “Gardening in a Jungle

  1. I love an overgrown garden, great places to find amazing stuff!
    I have no idea what your fungus is but if you post a picture here and tell em what it was growing on etc, some fungus expert will tell you what it is!

    Keep up the up dance too – I’ve got a 100 weight of bulbs to plant!

  2. maybe sausage is going to be a ‘puter geek as well and will need a matching shirt to daddies. Why you digging up the blackberries? …think fruit next year, you cant eat flowers!!
    I did an allotment update earlier and when doing it I am so jealous that the sun shines where you ( and other English people)are!!
    Guess you found your phone then?

  3. ooh I couldn’t help having a bit of a search – Candlesnuff Fungus! have a look at the third photo down..

  4. Red Rose Daddy is the gardener in our house and he does really well, I just can’t get excited about it though. I agree with Elaine about the blackberries. The mr grows loads of fruit and veg and it tastes so much better than any you buy 🙂

  5. Love your blog always! But could you tell this American what “bacon butties” actually are?

  6. Nope, I’m using Horace’s phone, my phone is still AWOL unfortunately :O( The blackberries aren’t just there, they are everywhere and sacrifices have to be made! I’m looking forward to harvesting the berries next year in the patches in other bits of the garden Pippa, honestly there won’t be a shortage! I am seriously thinking of asking OH about that fruit and veg dehydrator thing Elaine, how clever is that!
    Vickie, it’s so funny, I never even think twice about some of the terms I use but I suppose Bacon Butty must be an english colloquialism or whatever the word is! It basically means a Bacon Sandwich. I don’t know the root of the word Butty at all. We do call bread rolls Baps around Lancashire, maybe it’s something in connection with that? I shall have to research this! :O)

    Helen, I really appreciate you finding out the name of that fungus. I shall actually be able to remember it now too, they honestly do look like little snuffed out matches. I didn’t think fungus could be cute, but that actually is! :O)

    Thanks everyone for your comments, always very much appreciated. xxx

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