I was on BBC Lincolnshire!

I was on BBC Lincolnshire!

and…Do you prefer the term ‘Stay At Home Mum’ or ‘Housewife?’

This afternoon I was approached by @MrWilliam on Twitter who is the drive-time presenter for BBC Lincolnshire and he asked me if I’d have a quick chat on the radio about being a ‘Stay At Home Mum’ as opposed to being a ‘Housewife’.   You see I’ve always hated the term ‘Housewife’ – to me it implies being married to the house or chained to the sink as you might say.  As any mum knows we are far more than that!  We are there for our children and our partners if we are part of a couple, they are the priority.   It’s not as if we’re up at 3am cleaning the fridge, we’re probably awake at that time dealing with our kids having nightmares about giant squid or something.  The kids are the full time job, 24 hours a day, the house just comes with the package.

Anyway!  I was absolutely bricking it, but I was determined to rise to the challenge.  I’ve heard it said that people should ‘do something that scares them every day’ and today I did just that.  My voice goes a little wobbly at one point, but I didn’t completely fluff it, just a little.  So, would you like to have a listen?  If so click here, and 15 mins into the show (you can skip bits) after Bruce ‘Dancing In The Dark,’ there’s me, Kay Wilkinson sticking up for for the term ‘Stay At Home Mum’.

Here’s the link! BBC Lincolnshire <<<<< click here!

So, what do you think?  Do you prefer the term ‘Housewife’ or ‘Stay At Home Mum’.  Do you think the term ‘Housewife’ is demeaning and what do you call yourself if someone asks what you do?  I’d be really interested in the feedback!


5 responses to “I was on BBC Lincolnshire!

  1. I’m definitely a Stay at Home Mum and not a housewife. I can’t be a housewife as I’m not a wife 🙂

  2. Exactly, it’s such an outdated term. These days so many people -co-habit or are common law married. We are not all ‘wives’ as you quite rightly say.

  3. When my daughter was young, I wasn’t a wife either. I was a mother who desperately wanted to raise her own child, but knew that in this world most of us don’t get the chance to work at home and be close to our kids. I didn’t get the chance to be afraid that I couldn’t afford decent child care because employers have a long history of not seeing my skills and my possible value to them. I couldn’t make money no matter what I tried, but I did raise a great woman.

    I don’t like the word “housewife.” It’s obviously outdated and needs to morph into something that makes sense. I came to hate the term “stay at-home-mom” because people thought it meant I was lazy and dim. I always thought if my conversation is boring or I’m not up on current events, that’s about me, use that to form your opinion. Decide what you think of me from who I am and what my talents are, not where I do my work. (Why don’t we ever ask, “What’s your talent?” instead of, “What do you do?”) But of course many people don’t think of raising children as being work unless they’re other people’s children and you’re being paid for it. And then they don’t think it’s as smart a thing as working in an office. (I’ve worked in an office before and what I did there was easier than raising my daughter.)

    I guess you can tell that I’m passionate about this subject. 🙂 I liked your interview, and I think you did quite well. You sounded intelligent and very nice, and your answers were witty at turns! It was obvious that you’ve given the subject some thought. And I noticed no wobble! I hear that sort of stretching out (if that’s what you mean) all the time as radio/television folk collect their thoughts on the fly. I kinda thought you’d be good at radio or TV. Yay, you!

    I’m Ré. It’s nice to meet you.

  4. Hiya Re, nice to meet you too, and thanks ever so much for your very kind comments. It would be a much more nicer world if people did say ‘What is your talent’ rather than’ What do you do?’ I agree wholeheartedly with you! As for being good on tv, or radio, lol! You should maybe trawl this blog for my previous vlogs, lol! They are very, very, very bad! Still, what’s life if you can’t laugh at it or yourself sometimes. Thanks for visiting, please come again! I’ve had a read of your blog and I love it, genuinely. It’s so thoughtful. xxx

  5. Just listened to your radio debut!

    Wow, you did great.

    It’s a difficult one isnt it – I always freak when I see those tick boxes on forms. I have no idea what I’m termed as?!

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