B.I.G Power Hand – A Little Review

B.I.G Power Hand –

A Little Review

I must confess to saying ‘What on earth is this?!’ when it arrived in the post from Evolution PR.   I mean, it is fairly obvious what it is – it’s a ‘Big Hand’ – but I just couldn’t understand why anyone would want to play with an oversized big blue hand.  It baffled me!  Surely you just put the glove on, operate the fingers via strings attached to the fingertips and erm….wave your massive hand around a bit?  Horace thought it was funny, and although I hate to admit it, it was a bit of a laugh to do a certain two fingered swearing gesture with a really huge robot hand. Very immature, couldn’t help myself.  Sorry!  The kids were not present when that went on.  We are good parents, promise.  Nor do we play with their toys….well not often at least.

The B.I.G Power Hand basically works via strings that are threaded from the tips of the gloves through the plastic huge fingers – as you stretch and contract your fingers, the big fingers mirror your movements very accurately.  It’s actually very simple!  The recommended age range is 6 – 18 years and the glove did fit my daughter reasonably well at age 6 so she had good control over the hand; with this in mind I also had a go and they fitted me too so they are very adaptable.  The velcro strips across the palm and the wrist anchor it to the hand very well too, so it doesn’t fall off all the time.

You can buy other attachments for this B.I.G Power Hand such as a B.I.G Recon light which is a 3 function flashlight, lantern and ‘stealth light’ (whatever the heck that is!), or a Laser Zapper which makes your fingertips ‘zap’ (ie, vibrate) when a target is in close range.  You can also customise your B.I.G Power Hand by clipping kits onto them to make them look more impressive;  these kits are called ‘Mech’ ‘Ninja’ ‘Blaze’ and my all time horrid name for a child’s toy – ‘Brute’.

Despite my original thoughts, this really big clunky hand, that won’t pick-up-much, but looks-quite-cool is very popular in this house at the moment.  My daughter and her cousins love it, but are rubbish at stroking our kitty with it.  On the other hand they can wave at people who are a long way away, so it does have its uses.  If you’d like one of these it is £29.99, a bit steep, but the kids do seem to love it!  Personally I still don’t ‘get it.’

(I still can’t find my iPhone so I can’t upload pics I’ve taken of the kids playing with it as yet.  If and when I ever find the thing, I’ll add them on later.  Thanks for your patience!)

This is a sponsored post from Evolution PR, we received a B.I.G Power Hand to wave around, but have received no financial reward.  My opinions are my own as always!


2 responses to “B.I.G Power Hand – A Little Review

  1. This is a fantastic toy! My kids use it every day and it’s the first thing they show to visitors, even after 2 months proud ownership. Good fun for Mums and Dads to play with too! A

  2. My kids and their cousins absolutely love it, but it doesn’t ‘do’ anything apart from be B.I.G *laughs* As long as they’re happy I suppose! :O)

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