I quite often sit and spend ages thinking of an appropriate title for my blogs.  Today I thought I’d save time.  ‘Ello!’  it is.  Short and sweet!  Rather like today’s update, well in regards to the short bit at least.

My life has not been particularly exciting, I have nothing groundbreaking to report.  Sausage has taken to dragging huge sticks to and from nursery / school, this has slowed the school run down considerably and is escalating at a rather worrying rate.  Today he carried something that resembled a small bush for about a quarter of a mile.  All of his sticks accumulate around the front door because I refuse to let him bring them inside.  I think the neibours think we are either building a nest or taunting pyromaniacs.

Darlek is being a little love at the moment.  She knows I’ve been stressed to the eyeballs recently and has taken to carrying bags of shopping whenever she can, dressing her brother in the mornings to the best of her ability and holding my hand lots on the school run – all of which is really, really appreciated.  At the end of the day when I tuck her up in bed, I always tell her I love her loads and that she’s my gorgeous girl.  Because she is.  She’s so thoughtful in so many ways.  She’s also incredibly thoughtless every now and then, but you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth.  The other day I wore a pair of jeans that I suspect are a little too tight and she resorted to sniggering, telling me that she wanted to tell me something but that she wouldn’t do, for fear of offending me.  I told her I didn’t really want to know, but I’m presuming it was that my bum looked big.  That old chestnut.  Nice.

Horace, my lovely mother-in-law Sweara, and I, spent all weekend attempting to sort out the new house a little.  Sweara has done wonders with the polytunnel, and it looks like I might actually be able to grow something in there now.  It is, amusingly enough, carpeted now! I never realised quite how useful outdoor carpets are until recently.  They’re fabulous weed suppressants and I’m all for deterring nettles and dock leaves whenever possible.  If they’re going to live in our polytunnel, they’ll have to work a little harder to get through the flooring.  I hope that annoys them, blasted horrid stingy things!

The house is at that terrifying point where it looks like a building site.  Rubble everywhere!  I keep telling myself it has to get worse before it gets better – in fact I think that has become my mantra recently.  Having said that, I have really enjoyed hammering lumps out of the awful fake beams and helping Horace remove the horrendous patchwork of stones plastered to the fireplace, the bar (yes we have a bar!), and the side of the stairs.  Just call me Mrs Bob The Builder.  It’s daft really, I have no skills whatsoever, but I still feel really proud wielding a hammer and ‘doing stuff.’  I think it’s a Women’s Lib thing.

That is about it so far! In other exciting news…….my iPhone has grown legs and has hidden itself somewhere in the house.  So no photos until I can tempt it back onto my ‘puter desk.  Maybe I should set an iPhone trap.  What on earth would you bait an iPhone trap with?  Curled up cables? A post-it note with a phone number written on it? Suggestions welcome.

I shall have to find it because I have a number of toy reviews lined up for your perusal.  Photos are essential, as is finding the time to upload them, and to upload the blogs.  Oh for an extra day in the week!  It’s coming up to Xmas so there’s quite a few interesting toys on the market, and my kids are happy to test them to destruction.  If they’re destroying their toys, they’re leaving my stuff alone, so I have ulterior motives.  (I’m not bitter about my favourite vase being chipped….honest)


3 responses to “‘Ello!

  1. hammering beams is therapeutic, better than hammering the kids. our dog use to collect sticks that stopped at the door….strange child ( but thats coming from someone whose son use to eat Bonios every day for years).
    do you blame your iphone for running away from home really with all that is going on…it likes peace calm and order….and its not coming back till that returns.
    If your kids can destroy the toys you are sent to review I guess they fail the bedlam household review standard…
    and its amazing how perceptive kids can be when the chips are down bless her.
    my two are peacefully sleeping…they turned up late tonight cos mummy lost the plot with Bob and threatened to end his life prematurely!! …who is a lovely sweet angleic little darling when with grandma…..you will have grandchildren all to soon and they will behave much better than your own do!!
    and with that cheerful though I shall bid you goodnight…

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post – I think it’s my favourite kind if blog post, just life being life 🙂 great post, thank you 🙂

  3. Thanks for your comments Eliza and Elaine! These are my favourite kind of blog posts too, they are the ones that I’ll look back on and smile at. :O)

    Elaine, I do hope Bob settles down a bit for his mum! Sounds like he’s doing what kids to best, ie, drive their parents crackers. At least he behaves for you at least!

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