Hanging on in there!

Hanging on in there!

Just a really quick blog to say I’m still here, still hanging on by my fingertips. Apologies for the lack of blogs, I’ve just had a funny old couple of weeks and it’s affected my writing ‘mojo’ or whatever the word is.

But, I’m not beaten yet, and feel better by the day.

There are a couple of instances I’ve felt I must record before they slip from my memory.  So I’ll chuck them on here for prosperity.  Firstly my youngest has been practising bending the truth, he’s not very good at it if I’m being honest.   I found him in the bathroom staring intently at the mirror the other day, with one of his eyes highlighted in a very vivid bright purple colour – imagine a purple panda and you’ve got the image right there.

I looked at him quizzically and said ‘What have you got on your eye?’ and he replied with a completely straight face – ‘Not your make-up!’  My lilac eye shadow is knackered beyond belief……

He also weed on my computer chair, on purpose which was the annoying thing.  I’d been asking him to go and get his pyjamas on and he refused and tantrummed.  A while later he ambled into my computer room and then ambled back with a strange look in his eye.  Curious, I went in to check what he’d been up to, and sat on my chair only to stand up very suddenly and yell ‘Ew!’  You’ve heard of water beds?  Well, I had a water chair.  In exactly the same manner as before I asked him ‘What’s on my chair?’ and he replied in exactly the same manner, ‘Not wee!’  I am in potty training hell.

My daughter is in the throes of getting to grips with social groups which has confused me greatly these last few weeks too.  Here is a typical example of a conversation I’ve had with Darlek recently:

Darlek: ‘Rachel’s not being nice to me, because she’s friends with Sarah, and Sarah likes me and wants to play with me, but Rachel doesn’t want her to play with me.  And…(pause for breath) Poppy says I should play with Rachel too, so that she won’t get upset when I play with Sarah, and then Poppy could join in.  But Poppy doesn’t like playing barbies and neither do I, but Sarah does so I try and play that game, but Rachel thinks that it’s babyish and ……..’    

….and so it goes!  I’ve spent many a school run completely baffled and bewildered by the complexity of it all.  It’s rather like an episode of Coronation Street except with little squeaky people in school uniforms.  Obviously there’s no Rovers Return bar brawls, but there’s a fair amount of bickering over who has the most Squinkies to make up for that.  It’s all a huge drama for Darlek, and from what I remember of primary school, it does all feel very important at the time so I smile and nod and try my level best to look like I understand what on earth is going on in that playground.  As long as she’s not getting bullied, or bullying anyone else I’m ok with it.

So there it is, a little bit about how the kids are faring.  As for me, I’m fighting tooth and nail to get back on form.   Today that awful feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach wasn’t as bad as it has been, and I noticed how beautiful the clouds were as they drifted over the rooftops – so I must be looking up I reckon.


8 responses to “Hanging on in there!

  1. Your kids sound adorable and quite normal. My 7 year old girl has all the same social concerns and friendships and my boys were / are all just as mischievious! The acts change but the mischief doesn’t. It is all healthy, thanks for sharing!

  2. Hope you are back to your normal self really quickly Kay.

    Really lovely post, my eldest is just the same, I walk the school run on the way back with my friend and her children and when they start that conversation it baffles the pair of us. But we do have a little smile to one another, as we nod agreeingly to each of our children.

    Keep strong, and looking forward xxx

  3. Your post made me smile, it reminded me of when my son was little and I went though the same. Now he’s older its different issues. Hope you are back to normal soon

  4. Aaah toilet training, I remember it well! Eldest was a dream but I thought I’d be sending the youngest to school in nappies! My washing machine was so overused at that time it went on fire!!!
    I know that black hole in the stomach feeling well, it does get better but don’t berate yourself when it doesn’t disappear overnight! Getting frustrated at yourself DOESN’T help, believe me.
    Kirsten x

  5. Hope you are back on form soon. I did smile reading about your kids..reminded me so much of when mine were younger! I could never keep up with who was friends with who, and why so and so didn’t like them, etc. x

  6. I have all the same actions and discussions with mine. My daughter has endless tails of who is playing with and friends with who and my boys are mischievious. All healthy (I hope!!)

  7. they do grow out of the non stop yabbering phrase, Fifi use to yabber constantly, car, feet, bike the mouth never stopped, now Bob does it and Fifi gets quite exasperated with him.
    And have to laugh at this, Bobs current best friend is Bob, but best friend Bob is an imaginary friend…..but they are not friends at the moment cos they fell out and imaginary Bob wont invite real Bob to his house to play after school…..you following……so glad…..lol

  8. It’s like when the kids have arguments over imaginary toys isn’t it, lol!!! Sausage was arguing with Darlek the other day, they had imaginary guns (I know, I know!) and he was annoyed because his gun was smaller than hers. They are funny aren’t they!

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