Gibsons – ‘My Body’ jigsaw

Gibsons –  ‘My Body’ Jigsaw

Recommended Age 4 - 7 (but my 3 year old loved it too!)

This I have to say, is my favourite jigsaw yet, and we’ve been through a few in our time!  It’s very sturdy card, nice big pieces for kids to handle, bright colours, informative, combines letters and images, and theres two jigsaws too – so if you have two argumentative children (which I have) they can do a puzzle each. Magic!

Deep in concentration, Dr Sausage studies his anatomy project

It’s almost an introduction to anatomy!  After we’d got it out of the box, my first thought was that it was the perfect toy for a child who wants to grow up to be a doctor.  At nursery they all do ‘heads, shoulders, knees & toes’ but do they ever turn ‘bladder, heart, brain, intestine and muscles’ into a song?  No they do not, and I quickly realised as soon as my two started working on this jigsaw, that they hadn’t got a clue about these parts of the human body.   This jigsaw is a fabulous introduction to how our bodies work.

Titled 'My body-inside' and 'My body-outside'

I love that the two people shown are different colours, practically because it’s easier to separate the two jigsaws, and ethically because people aren’t all just one colour!  The little snippets of facts about our body, for example ‘You cannot sneeze with your eyes open’ scattered around the jigsaw are very interesting too, even for me.  They encourage children to read as well as to fit shapes, and they are illustrated with cute little pictures too. This jigsaw works on a number of levels.  Spatial awareness & learning in particular.  If you can get a few kids working on one puzzle together, it’s a great lesson about teamwork too, and accomplishing goals.

Brilliant final thought! A postbox lid! Great for encouraging kids to tidy up.

Now this  is a touch of genius!  A postbox lid so the kids can slot the pieces in when they put it away.  It makes tidying up fun, and makes life easier for mums.

I have to mention too, that on the back of the jigsaw box it says:

‘My world puzzles are planet friendly, made of finest quality recycled puzzle board and in Britain.  They haven’t travelled far to reach you and therefore have a delightfully small carbon footprint.’

They really have thought of everything haven’t they!  Very impressed with this jigsaw, and would definitely recommend getting hold of it, and that’s not just because I’ve been asked to feature it.  It’s really a great product and it will keep your kids nicely occupied for ages and learning without realising it too no doubt! Can’t be a bad thing!

This puzzle is £8.99 HERE if you’d like to try it for yourself.  This is a sponsored post, I was given this jigsaw to try out, but no monetary reward was given.  My thoughts are my own as always.


3 responses to “Gibsons – ‘My Body’ jigsaw

  1. I think this is a fantastic jigsaw. I will have to add it to the list of things to buy!

  2. thats brilliant Kay…looks fun as well as educational, Bob loves jigsaws, though preferably with tractors or diggers, poor boy spent to long living at the farm I think!!

  3. Ooh! One for the Christmas list I think! How fab!

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