A very unusual request from school!

A Very Unusual Request From School!

Have a good read of this, you may have to read it a couple of times before you spot the very unusual request…..

I think my iPhone has maybe blurred it a little so I’ve taken a close up of the typo.

Yep, it says 'willies'.....

The playground was full of sniggering mums today.  It certainly brightened my school run anyway.  We really have been asked to bring willies into school!

By the way, do any Cybermummy attendees remember the ‘How to Dispose of a Vibrator?’ post.  Well, I think this might just be the answer….

*PS. Sorry if I sent out a garbled recipe via email today,  I have corrected it now!  If you’d like to read my last post, pls click HERE, thank you!


15 responses to “A very unusual request from school!

  1. oh dear. someone obviously had some extra curricular activities on their mind that day!!

  2. Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Brilliant!

  3. You might have known I would comment on this one – love it!

  4. Had a Canadian teacher in our school who told the kids to stand up and shake away their willies. The classroom assistant nearly wet herself! Apparently it means the wriggles! (so she says)

  5. Julie ButtonF1Fan

    BRILLIANT, what else can you say except “spell checker Miss?”

  6. Oh dear, that’s so funny! Made me smile anyway

  7. lol! 😀 Brilliant 🙂

  8. Fantastic! He or she will never ever live that down! Really did make me laugh out loud xx Sue

  9. That has been making me smile all day!! Ooops!

  10. Oh I’m blushing for that poor person who sent it out. I had a wonderful chum who w9uld always proof read things for me when I was a HT!

  11. See- I need them now, even with spell check! It is of course ‘would’

  12. he he that is funny. It doesn’t matter how old you get a misplaced willy always gets a sniggger ;<)

  13. Love this. I get the feeling I would have embarrassed myself in front of everyone if I saw this and double-over crying with laughter

  14. haha let me know if they need any help that day, sounds like fun 😉

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