7 Bells!

7 Bells!

Yep, we’ve been knocking seven bells out of our new house across the road, it’s looking a wreck, but at least we’ve started.  Horace spent all afternoon hacking at the horrendous fake beams with a hammer, covering himself in dust and I’ve been his dutiful tea making wife.  Go me!  (I’m well good at DIY…)

The kids ran around the house with their cousins, playing hide and seek or something – eventually deigning to join us downstairs where they got in the way something chronic.  It wasn’t raining so they went outside eventually and ran in circles around the outside of the house.  They banged on the windows and the front door and shouted ‘Mumeeee!’ really loudly, daring me to tell them to pack it in.  Then they just all ran off giggling out of sight of the windows.  This went on for quite some time and kept them nicely occupied – I’m hoping that this behaviour has got the old game ‘Knock-a-door-run’ out of their system so they won’t torment the nieghbours in coming years.

Sis put me to shame and joined in with pulling the front room to pieces, while I stood there like a spare part commenting on the old wallpaper layers.  ‘Ooh, look at that, it’s so garish and 70’s!’  (I’m such a style guru!)  I so need to get a bit of DIY confidence.  It’s just, knowing me, I’ll climb on a ladder, hit myself in the head with a hammer and fall off dramatically, Laurel and Hardy style.

More damsons anyone?

In an attempt to make myself completely useless I went outside and picked some more damsons from our tree.  Our neibours now have damsons too, our freezer is full of them and I think I’m going to start dreaming about damsons at some point very soon.  It’s the tree version of a damson mine in that garden, I’ve never seen so much fruit!  Everyone in the family will be getting damson gin or damson jam for Xmas, and probably for their birthdays, anniversaries, and for the hell of it too. I’ll be known as the Damson Gal if I’m not careful.

I just loved the sillhouettes of these against the sky.

Made sloe gin last night, not damson gin, although I do have plans for the stuff! My fingers are stained a nasty shade of brown and I look like I smoke 100 roll up fags a day.  I’ve scrubbed them loads and they still look grotty.  It’ll be worth it though! Love the stuff!

Autumn's bounty!

Went picking the sloes in the rain day before yesterday.  I had a proper case of cabin fever and absolutely had to get out of the house / cabin (whatever!).  In all truth, stood in the shade of the tree out of the rain, on a stool, picking sloes, in a stupid anorak – I think I looked deranged.  But it was so peaceful to have an hour to myself to just enjoy a bit of calm and fresh air.  Horace had taken the kids to the pictures, and I flatly refused to do an ounce of housework.  I’ve been tormented with the stuff recently.

Sheltering from the rain.

The day ended with Darlek gipping into a bright pink wash basket, while Sausage ran around the living room yelling nonsense.  Poor mite seems to have a bug of some sort, temperature, headache etc.  I hope it’s not catching and I hope she gets over it soon.  Hate to see either of my two poorly.  She didn’t even eat her tea and that’s not like her at all.  I on the other hand ate two portions and felt like a fattie.  It’s fairly decisive really, my colitis doesn’t seem to be aggravated by food particularly.  It seems to get worse when I’m stressed, so I suppose I should ‘chill out’ or something.  Like that’s gonna happen!

Apologies for the excess of damson photos.  I have no photos of our half derelict new house and only pics of my current fruit obsession.  They are a lot prettier than a house being pulled in pieces though, trust me on that.




5 responses to “7 Bells!

  1. Gosh – I can’t remember the last time I heard the term gipping – much more genteel than yakking or hurling! Hope Darlek feels better soon. Just a suggestion for the stained fingers – slice a lemon in half and rub – I think it sort of semi-cleans, semi-bleaches, but smells nice if nothing else. Works wonders on stained nails too. Chill Out Sister!

  2. Haha. Can picture every bit of it. If it’s any consolation we started an extension 2 weeks ago and I use the term ‘we’ very loosly. I’ve been occupying kids while he hammers. My only saving grace is that when we last did a conversion my sole contribution was hitting a hammer through the only wall we were meant to be keeping and then fell pregnant lol 🙂 Keep up the good work! And do share your Damson delights with #PlayFest.

  3. Loved the post and the pics! I had never heard the term gipping! Of course, as an American, I would like to know what the phrase “knocking seven bells” means!

  4. You know, I have no idea why the term ‘knocking 7 Bells’ out of something is used! I do know it means knocking something in bits, or giving someone a good kicking (a little aggressive, but there you go!) I shall investigate via google shortly!
    Thanks for reading Vickie, Al and Jo! I’ll have a go at the lemon thing next time, I’ve finally managed to scrub my fingers clean now.
    Glad it’s not just me who’s rubbish at DIY Al, I’m truly apalling! Getting pregnant is a great get out clause, lol! I’m not about to take such extreme measures though… ;O)

  5. Found this page which has a few suggestions about the term ‘7 Bells’ http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090917083314AAoBs3z

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