Playing in the Park!

Playing in the Park!

Now Darlek and Sausage are back in school and nursery, I’m slightly guiltily breathing a sigh of relief.   I do love spending time with them, I just think you can have too much of a good thing sometimes.  I do miss them, but, the space is nice, the house is quiet, there’s no-one climbing on my knees or asking for TV…it’s calm.

Mind you I have no excuse to go to the park now I have no kids with me.  I love nothing more than casually swinging back and forth on one of the swings, dragging my feet on the floor – once I’ve managed to wedge my bum onto the seat of course.  Maybe I’ll never grow up, I hope not.

I was checking through my photos over the summer hols and found some cute ones of the kids messing around at the local parks and thought they were lovely, so thought I’d share them.   If you’re interested, Darlek is wearing her Muddy Puddles snuggly fleece jumper in a few of the photos.

Some people complain about nanny states and the like, but I am always amazed at the quality of parks these days.  Call me an old git, but I remember concrete floors that’d split your head if you fell on them, roundabouts you could trap yourself under and slides with barely any safety rails.  In regards to kids playgrounds, I love health and safety!  I say ‘Yay!’ for spongey floor tiles.


There may be issues when it comes to finding things to do for teenagers and older children, but at least we’re sorted for stuff to do with younger kids in Lancashire.  If the kids are climbing the walls and trying to cellotape the cat, take ’em to the park I say!

I'm the king of the castle!

One day in the summer I quite literally went on a tour of the playgrounds in our immediate area.  A full afternoon’s worth of activity, for no cost at all.  There were four playgrounds within half an hour’s walking distance, and all for different age groups.

Well, I suppose there’s always the weekend.  I can take them again then maybe. More often than not I’ll sit on the witches hat roundabout, and spin round with them; pretending I’m sat there simply to help them go round faster, when in fact I’m probably enjoying it as much as them.


* Is there such a thing as a half sponsored post?  This is about parks really and me being a big kid mostly.  Muddy Puddles provided the jumper a while ago for review, no other reward was given for my time.  It’s a lovely hoodie and it’s washed lots, been worn lots and fits well.  So there you go!

One response to “Playing in the Park!

  1. I reckon once you get past 21, you simply regress back to childhood, and kids are the perfect excuse for that!

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