A Big Fat Toilet Training Fail and a Wobbly Me.

A Big Fat Toilet Training Fail and a Wobbly Me.

I do intend to write up my hols and our adventures in the next few days and I hope you’ll bear with me.  More upbeat and interesting posts to follow I promise, hand on heart!

Tomorrow I begin the preparations for my colonoscopy thingy, so I’m feeling a little wobbly.  So just a short blog to reassure you I haven’t just disappeared back into review-land.

A quick overview of the day.  It’s windy!  In fact it’s really, really windy.  The school run involved me holding onto Sausage really tightly in case he got blown away like some kind of small child kite.  I forgot to tie Darlek’s hair back, and my own.  Both of us must have looked like Medusa minus the snakes whilst walking up the hill battling the gusts of wind.  I very stupidly wore a skirt today and may have embarrassed myself a little too.  Of all the days to decide to try and look feminine!  Let’s hope the remains of this hurricane blows itself out soon.  I could do without being smacked in the face with high speed whirling autumn leaves.

Amusing and slightly disheartening toilet training moment today.  Sausage did his usual pants removal thing whilst watching TV.  I swear he’ll be a naturist when he’s older.  Then he very purposefully, and with excellent aim, weed into his empty drinking cup, and then walked across the living room and handed it to me. Thank goodness I was watching him at the time, or I might have thought he’d found some warm apple juice somewhere.

All I can presume is that he didn’t want to go upstairs to the loo and miss the Dr Who cartoon he was watching.  So that’s a great big fat toilet training FAIL.  I think I’ve broken my son somehow.  Darlek looked on with absolute disbelief.  I really, really hope she doesn’t go into school and tell everyone that her brother wees in cups.

So, there you have it.  Another normal day in the Brink of Bedlam household.  *rolls eyes*


6 responses to “A Big Fat Toilet Training Fail and a Wobbly Me.

  1. Actually did LOL at this! my boy has been a trial to toilet train too. Sounds like yours has the right idea but is just not interested in the correct receptacle!
    Mine will out of nowhere say ” I haven’t wet my pants” which means the exact opposite.

  2. It’s enough to drive a mum mad isn’t it! Even just hearing the words ‘wet pants’ sets my teeth on edge.

  3. My son wee’d into a dumper truck once! for your son, Its not a fail. He weed into a receptacle. He knew when he wanted to go, he went! He could have stood there and weed on the floor!

  4. Now then -re-wind & just see the skill talent & artistry of being able to wee in a cup! There are lots of men out there who would queue for lessons! Good luck for tomoro!xx

  5. hope it goes ok for you tomorrow. windy here too, refused to pick grandkids up tonight as not driving country roads with trees for no real reason. Daughter No2 was flying home from Plymouth today, but flight she should have flown up on is still at Glasgow as it didnt fly down last night to come back today. she decided to take flight diverting through Bristol, was suppose to take off at 3pm but is now scheduled for 11.30 take off tonight….and is not pleased cos I wont go pick her up when she lands…..and she is working in the morn…..she should have come home Sunday then like mummy suggested!!

  6. I can sympathise with the toilet training thing, BabyMibs latest, although he DID toilet train quite well, is now to pull down his trousers and pants, BEFORE he reaches the bathroom, even at school apparently!
    Hope the colonscopy thing went ok xx

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