Counting Sticker Activity Book – A Review!

Counting Sticker Activity Book

A Review!

Over the summer holidays, this book has been invaluable!  I’ve tried my level best to occupy my daughter, and this has stretched as far as play activities and trips out sometimes, unfortunately I’ve struggled to keep up with her passion for learning and numbers.  You see numbers are not my strong point and I would rather stick pins in my eyes than sit and do anything with them. On the other hand, Darlek has an insatiable need to do maths, and this book has helped where I could not!

 This is a colourful activity book full of stickers and numbers, funnily enough!  The title is a bit of a clue as to what is inside.

The book uses cute animal characters a child can relate to, so it looks fun and there are practical maths exercises that I found were perfectly suited to my daughter who is six years old.

Personally I think pictures of food are always popular with kids (and with me if I’m being honest).  I found this book had a good  mix of colours and contrasting images so it didn’t become boring.

It’s always nice to see scenarios pictured that kids enjoy too.  I know Darlek loves nothing more than a good snowball fight.  They instantly look at the pictures and smile, because they’re about topics they love.

In conclusion!

Lovely colourful book + maths presented in an interesting way = Fun & Learning

Can’t beat that can you!  If you would like a copy of the Counting Sticker Activity Book you can find it HERE and it will set you back a measley £4.49 which I don’t think is bad for a book that’ll keep them occupied for ages – as long as they don’t cheat that is….. ;O)


5 responses to “Counting Sticker Activity Book – A Review!

  1. These are lovely books…we’ve got the Colours sticker book and it is great 🙂 x

  2. this looks like a charming book 🙂 my daughter loves stickers so would sure be a winner with her !!

  3. looks great – would be useful for my daughter who is just learning numbers and counting!

  4. This would be great for my daughter

  5. lovely idea the book looks brill @jessws2011

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