Keep up with your friends! ZhuZhu Pets!

Over the summer holidays many children miss their school friends a lot.  This is why Zhu Zhu pets have set up a website where children can send adorable e-cards to family and friends!  It’s a great way for them to show how much they think of and look forward to seeing their friends after the summer holidays.  is the website where they can send these online postcards and for the whole of August (friendship month)  they have prizes on offer too!  Every single time someone sends a card, they are entered into a draw, and five winners are drawn every day.

Squeaks and runs around a lot. Knocked daughter's butty onto the floor, so not always of good character...

My daughter has a real thing for Zhu Zhu pets, she adores them and in all truth has a cushion that she puts her Zhu Zhu pet on before she goes to sleep, so it can sleep in comfort too.  How cute is that!

If you have a child who loves Zhu Zhu Pets and if they’re missing their friends too, they will probably love this site.   They might win something too! Click HERE to visit the page!

This is a sponsored post, and I recieved a Zhu Zhu pet for my very excited daughter, in exchange for my time.  It genuinely looks a safe, cute website that kids will enjoy.  The Zhu Zhu pet is a firm favourite at our house and I’m warning you now, they’ll be on your kids’ Xmas list.  Ooh!  Did I say the ‘X’ word?  Sorry…

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  1. Zhu Zhu Hampster’s revenge. After confiscating my daughters Zhu Zhu in the car after it drove me completely bonkers and flinging it in my handbag, it got its quite awaited revenge on me days later.

    Sat talking in an important meeting, my handbag suddenly yelled out “Go-Go-GO!!!” – so watch out for that sleep function, and always make sure that you handbag is zhu zhu free before entering meetings!!

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