100 Word Challenge!

100 Word Challenge!

This is a challenge that originates from The Head’s Office blog which you can find here if you click!  Basically every week there is a prompt which may be either a photograph, a phrase or even a couple of words.  There is a total of 100 words that can be added to the phrase, and that’s your lot!  Nice & succinct!  There are many other blogs that take part in this challenge and I highly recommend browsing their contributions, just go to the Head’s Office and follow the links! Because they are only 100 words, they are really easy to read.  *note to self, my teacher always told me off for starting sentences with ‘because’, must try harder!

I have decided to write a poem (of sorts) with the phrase that has been set this week, which is……drum roll….’The sun shone but…’  It’s the first poem I’ve written in about 10 years so it’s probably really bad, but fekkit, I’ll post it anyway. I think the rhythm’s wrong, but I cant work out a way to fix it.  Suggestions welcome!  I know sun and man don’t rhyme, but if you say the last bit with a posh southern accent, it’s all fine, ;O)

The sun shone but the rain fell.  

The rain fell and the mist gloomed.

The mist gloomed and the sky greyed

The thunder boomed and the clouds stayed

the day was over, the night began

the lightening flashed over the man

the man with no coat, walking slowly

the light in his eyes gone with 

the rain down the storm drain

the owl looks on from the field in

the weather he flies silently through to sever

the throat of a mouse who scutters by

the prints in the mud of the one

who is lost in the rain, lost to the sun.



18 responses to “100 Word Challenge!

  1. This is really great. I love the changes in the ‘temperature’ and feeling and the list of characters! All in 100 words! Brilliant! Where have you been the last 5 weeks? 😉

  2. what a fab 100 words, inspired me to go look and (possibly) join in but maybe cant do as well as this poem

  3. Thanks Elaine, I do recommend joining in, it’s really fun to play with words and see what turns up. I loved this and the other entries are great to read too! :O)

  4. fab Kay. In poetry you can do what you like ……………… and I think you’ve been really creative x

  5. Thank you, it’s something to pass the time! :O)

  6. This is excellent. My favourite line is “The thunder boomed and the clouds stayed”. It really does conjure up a picture of a damp, grey, miserable day.

  7. Exactly the sort of image you need for a Tuesday morning, lol! Glad you enjoyed reading it and thanks loads for being positive and commenting, means a lot! :O)

  8. Each line builds on the previous to create the story. I haven’t tried using verse in an entry as yet so you’re braver than me. 🙂 I enjoyed reading your poem. The sad ending of the mouse brings life to the owl.

  9. Thank you for your comments! The storm drain bit doesn’t work at all, the more I read it, the more it annoys me. Might need some adaption, but at least I tried! What a lovely positive attitude in regards to the owl and the mouse :O)

  10. The rhythm is never wrong within a poem so nothing needs fixing :o) I really like the word ‘sever’ at the end of line 11 – adds a sharp and quick suspense to the poem. I like it. A lot.

  11. I think that we were all in gloomy moods this week. I blame Julia for adding the word ‘but’ to the end of the prompt. Enjoyed reading your poem and the other blog entries – especially the one about the cup of tea! Reminded me so much of when my girls were small. Looking forward to more!

  12. Lisa (Woman Wielding Words)

    I really like this. In a way it reminds me of “This is the house that Jack built . . . ” but with a deeper meaning. I love the chain of life and happening.

  13. I loved this one- poetry is such a powerful form and this is beautifully written.

  14. I like this, conjures up some really vivid images.

  15. I really enjoyed this – its super and really very clever x

  16. Kay, that’s great! You might even tempt me to join in!

  17. A wonderful poem, I love the idea of the 100 word challenge I have bookmarked the link, thanks!

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