Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Rain!  I know the ducks and the plants like it, but I’m not that struck frankly.

Ee bah gum, it's a bit grim out there!

Today I decided that we were going to go shopping whatever the weather – so togged up to the eyeballs with waterproof gear, we headed up town.  It was either that or starve too. Well, not starve exactly, but we’d have been on pasta n’ pesto for the second time in as many days.

So, off we went!  I wore my massive 3/4 length cowpat green half tent, waterproof coat, and Sausage wore his Muddy Puddles waterproof coat and pants – Darlek has unfortunately grown out of her waterproof pants so had to risk the rain.  I thought we’d be fine, and looked on it as a puddle jumping, watery walk – thinking postively of course.

Ready for Puddle Jumping!

I sit at home now, in a complete change of clothes, still feeling shivery.  The kids fared relatively well, and I suppose none of us drowned which is a bonus. Rain?!!!  More like a monsoon?!!  It’s August, it’s ridiculous, it shouldn’t be allowed!  Who is the god of rain?  Anyone, anyone?  (looks around hopefully) Because they should be told to stop it.  Now, this instant!  *stamps feet*.

We wandered around town, eating pasties and gradually getting wetter and wetter.  Sausage flatly refused to keep his hood up, until I bribed him with a visit to the pound shop if he kept his head dry.  Bribery and corruption eh!  Works a treat! A trip to the library helped warm us up a little, but I fear we all dripped on the books a bit.  If any of the pages are stuck together in there, it wasn’t us right?  Absolutely soaked we wandered over to catch a bus, which never turned up – in absolute desperation I caught a taxi home.  I thought it was either that or one of us would end up with pneumonia.

Exactly as the photo was taken Sausage announced 'I want a wee, wee!' As if it wasn't wet enough out there!

All I can say now, is thank goodness for home comforts.  We fell in through the front door, shed coats, soggy socks, wet collared jumpers, dripping jeans, and put the heating on.  I even put the gas fire on for a little while.  Hair was towelled, a cup of tea was hurriedly made and we all sat in the front room just glad to be home.  Darlek has been doing maths in her new set of exercise books from the pound shop (for fun!! I don’t get it!!), Sausage has been colouring in his new Scooby Doo colouring in book and I have been contentedly drinking tea and reading a book.

You know, going through all the awful weather stuff, was almost worth it for the getting home bit.  It’s like when I used to do exams, they were awful, but once they were all over with, the feeling of release and calm was unbelievable.  So although the watery walk was an unmitigated disaster, we all feel suitably exercised and relieved that its all over with.  No way are we setting foot outside the house again today.  I shall peer outside the window and grimace at the grey skies and the rain coming down like stair rods, but that’s as far as it goes.

*Just a quick mention, the waterproof pants and jacket that Sausage was wearing was from Muddy Puddles clothing.  He was the driest of the lot of us, apart from his head and down the back of his neck.  Why, oh why do kids have a thing about not wearing hats or hoods?! They always end up sunburnt or soaked in my experience.  I’d have glued it to his head if I could have done, except I don’t think that’s something that’s advised in normal parental circles is it?

I suppose officially this is a sponsored post, although really it’s just a rainy day ramble.  I’m happy to announce that Muddly Puddles and TPToys are now Brink of Bedlam blog sponsors, hence Sausage’s waterproof outfit.  It’s funny, after I announced that this is not a brand blog and I should give up all hopes of getting sponsorship, both Toyjeanius and Muddy Puddles approached me and said they’d love to be involved with the blog.  Both are fabulous companies, with a lovely range of items, and I’ve chatted to both for a long time now, and am happy to support them.  I hope as readers, you don’t mind.  Obviously I’ll tell you the absolute truth about any item I review, promote.  That goes without saying.

3 responses to “Rain, Rain, Go Away!

  1. You’ve done it again Kay! Entertained me and kept me reading when I switched on to load stuff on e-bay. But this was much more fun. At least you are all cosy again now. Unfortunately both of us in this house are a bit too old for Muddy Puddles Clothing but it looks super on Sausage .
    Sue Uden xx

  2. Kay, I know I say it all the time but I love reading your blogs 🙂 Thank you
    btw – this is the culprit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tlaloc

  3. How very funny! I saw my days through your blog! Puddle jumping walks… How many of those have we had this summer?! This was the first blog I have read & sure won’t be the last! Keep writing please! Very entertaining! Xx

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