Looking for the Positives.

Looking for the Positives.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
Well, I’m very pleased to say that this afternoon my youngest is at nursery and my oldest is out with her grandparents, so I am footloose and fancy free.  I was so excited  to have the spare time you know!  In fact I was that excited I did three loads of washing, tidied the kitchen, wrote up a review blog post, cleaned the bathroom and emptied and filled the dishwasher.  Wooo Hoo!  Some of us are just destined to live life on the edge.

I’m actually a bit disappointed that I haven’t made more of the day, but as always the house is falling into rack and ruin around my ears so as part of my domestic goddess / nightmare role, I’ve had to ‘do’ useful things.  So, in truth, I’m a bit fed up.  At least we’re going on hols soon and I can escape the hum drum of drudgery for a while then.  In the meantime I’ve decided to focus on the positives.

I want to blog some of the little things that have made life worthwhile or made me smile these last few weeks.  First of all, the kids.  One little thing each.

Sausage has discovered a rare talent and he is extraordinarily proud of it.  He can make himself burp, really quite loudly sometimes.  Give him a drink and he’s off! The little etiquette rebel wanders around the living room with his drink making little frog like noises punctuated with ‘I may throw up if I do this much more’ noises.  He always grins broadly after a particularly loud burp, says ‘I burped!’ proudly and if we’re lucky he says ‘S’cuse me!’ in a pantomine squeaky mouse voice.   I always try to look disapproving and explain that it’s not always polite to burp so loudly, but quietly want to applaud the really loud bullfrog burps that have obviously taken time and effort to perfect.

My daughter showed her selflessness the other day, which made me feel very pleased with her.  She’s growing up into a lovely little girl, or should I say ‘big girl’.  I get told off for calling her a little girl these days.  Six going on sixteen!  I made a curry the other day and it took me ages.  Everyone had their tea on the table and I was just carrying mine through, when I just completely lost all control of my hands for no apparent reason and threw it all, curry side down, onto the carpet.  I think I may have sworn (bad mum). Darlek’s very first instant reaction was to say ‘Mum, you can have mine if you want’ – and anyone who knows Darlek knows she loves her food.  I didn’t take her dinner off her before you frown disapprovingly at me, I took half of Horace’s dinner instead.  So, although I was very annoyed at my lack of dinner and my clumsiness, it made me appreciate my daughter’s generosity and kindness.  So that’s another positive.

Horace and I had a nice meal last night.  I’ve been an appalling wife recently and he has often had to fend for himself on getting home from work – which is terrible of me.  I’ve fed the kids decent meals, but have eaten quite badly myself.  You see I have lost quite a bit of enthusiasm for food, due to my stupid Colitis, which has actually made me a  little scared of eating things in case everything spirals back to where it was 2 months ago.  But that’s not a positive is it. Anyway, we sat down and had a romantic meal last night after the kids had gone to bed.  I cooked a garlic mushroom starter and moroccan spiced pork chops, washed down with a shot of home-made rhubarb schnapps which didn’t go with the meal at all, but tasted quite nice (it also made the tv slightly more amusing I think).  The meal was ok by my standards, and it was just nice to have some us time.  Finding ‘me’ time is sometimes possible, finding ‘us’ time has been virtually impossible recently with everything else apart from us as a couple, taking priority. So, a simple meal and silly tv was a cosy, calm way to spend an evening.  It made me happy anyway.   I ate all of the meal and I haven’t suffered any ill effects either which is a bonus.

And a positive for me personally……(thinks carefully) Looking at things that make me feel refreshed and at rights with the world. Erm… Recently I spotted the first blackberries of the season, which heralds blackberry pie making and wandering around the country lanes with swinging plastic bags and purple stained fingers – an activity I’ve always loved.  Can’t wait for a few more to ripen so we can go harvest them.  The gardens and wasteland around here all seem to be swaying with Rosebay Willowherb too, or Fireweed as it is sometimes called.  I love the bright pink towers of flowers, and the bees that bumble around them. Budlea is in bloom everywhere as well, I do love the warm syrupy smell that drifts in the breeze as you pass them.

Ok, so my time is now up.  I need to go pick up Sausage from nursery and wonder about what to make for tea.  I have sausages in the fridge.  Sausages for Sausage. Seems almost cannibal behaviour doesn’t it.

6 responses to “Looking for the Positives.

  1. LOVE reading positive posts. Thanks for sharing Kay 🙂 x

  2. What a lovely post Kay, really enjoyed reading it. Made me think about all the positive stuff I should be thankful for too :0)

  3. I felt a little less snarky reading this…(123, you’re back in the room). Really, gratitude does shift life’s filters sometimes and this was an eloquent way to be reminded of that. Lovely post.

  4. Ohh a kid free afternoon, how divine! Sorry HW took over, isn’t it always the way.

    I need to take a lesson from you and have some time with my hubbie.

    Thanks for joining up with R2BC. Mich x

  5. I know what you mean about “me” time, let alone couple time- well done you! Lovely post

  6. Ah, couple time, I vaguely remember that. Well done for making the effort to fit some in. We should all do that more.

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