Jungle Junction Wheel Around Fun Set – A Review!

Jungle Junction Wheel Around Fun Set from Flair – A Review for UKMumsTV

Flair were kind enough to send me a Jungle Junction Play Set to review for UKMumsTV.  This is a play set based on the Disney’s Junior BAFTA nominated pre-school series.  My son was very excited to receive this in the post and started ripping open the package before I could even think about taking a photo, hence the damaged to the front, sorry!

It includes three of the characters featured in the series: Zooter (the pig), Ellevan (the elephantish character) and Bungo (the unclassifiable rabbit like critter with a stripy tail), all of which are brightly coloured and very sturdy.  They are the perfect size for little hands to hold onto and drive around.   There is also a fold out play mat with a road marked out on it, with other little items drawn on to add a bit of interest, ie, pineapples and watermelons. In addition to this there are stickers that can be stuck on the mat, or on the plastic road signs that can be dotted around.

My son seems to love this playset and spends ages wheeling the characters around the mat and talking to himself.  It occupies him really well!  I think this is very good for imaginative play as he often goes off on little driving adventures with these characters and enjoys dodging / knocking over the road signs too.

Horace, my husband, suffers from terrible road rage and I am hoping that my son is not going to follow suit.  There have been a few altercations between Ellevan and Zooter, but I made sure they amicably exchanged details and it was all fine in the end!  I suspect there’s been a lot of speeding too, hopefully there’s no hidden speed cameras in this so I won’t have to worry about speeding tickets, but only time will tell!

Do they have speed cameras in Jungle Junction?!

My only criticisms are that it seems a shame that the little characters don’t have any moving parts at all, apart from the wheels – but that does make them less prone to breaking which is actually a plus point.  The mat itself could have been made of sturdier cardboard too, but the playset is only £9.99 it is good value for what it is.

Sausage has enjoyed playing with this set, and it does seem perfect for his age range, which is around 3 years old.  It’s a reasonably safe playset to have around even if you have younger children in the house too, which is good – there’s no tiny swallowable parts to worry about.  With…..dare I say it…..Christmas gaining on us, I’d certainly say it was a nice little present worth investing in if you have little ones to buy for.

This was a sponsored post, I received a Jungle Junction Wheel Around Play set to review, but received no other financial reward. All observations and thoughts are my own. I cannot take responsibility for Jungle Junction driving offences though, they’re my son’s fault, not mine.

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  2. Great report once again.I have bookmarked your blog site several times and today will not be the last time

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