Summer Holiday Madness.

Summer Holiday Madness.

Are you suffering from the above affliction?  Maybe this would help?  I think it might help me anyway…… relax.  Breath…deep breaths……relax shoulder muscles and cease banging head on wall………is that any better?

So it’s not just me then?  Because it seems to have been me for a fair amount of the summer holidays so far.  Darlek and Sausage have been very argumentative, and Sausage has perfected a really high pitched scream every time he doesn’t get what he wants, which is a quite a lot of the time.  Lovely.  Ear plugs anyone?

I’ve tried very hard to occupy them, honestly I have.  We have been swimming twice, gone out for lunch and then to the pictures, gone to the park, made paper animals, had friends round, had a barbeque, made pizza, tidied the house, tidied the house again, tidied the house yet again, got into a tizzy about things…  (oh wait a minute, the last bit is what I’ve been doing mainly).  It’s all been a bit manic, and yep, at the last count I still have just under 5 weeks go go until the end of the holidays.  Oops. I seem to have used up all my ideas in one week, perhaps I’ll have to stay stuck in my activity loop and just do the same things next week and the week after, and the week after.  Or maybe I’ll just go crackers instead.   That might be fun.

If anyone wants me I’ll be sat in the living room gibbering, probably under a massive pile of lego.


2 responses to “Summer Holiday Madness.

  1. so glad those days are behind me now Kay – don’t want to rub it in but it does get better – I hardly see my 18 and 15yo during the holidays so now it’s MY time (after all those years of sacrifice). Don’t wish it away though because it comes much sooner than you think it does!

  2. yep, i got the same problem here and mine doesn’t even START school untill September!
    I reckon it’s the hot weather does it, like previous poster says, make the most of it, that’s what I keep telling myself, cos the day will come all too soon when the house will seem far too quiet!

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