A Djeco Silly Story – Thanks to ToyJeanius

A Djeco Silly Story –

Thanks to ToyJeanius

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Darlek who lived in a cosy house at the top of a hill.  Most of the time she was very happy, but it was the summer holidays and the Wicked Witch of Boredom kept knocking on her front door and pulling faces at her through the window, which made Darlek sad.  Luckily Darlek had a friend called CeeBee-BeeCee who tried to make the Wicked Witch go away, but even this didn’t work for long.

Darlek decided to ask her Fairy Godmother for help.  Her fairy godmother was called ToyJeanius, and she had a million and one spells for scaring away the Wicked Witch Boredom.

‘Djeco! Djeco! Djeco!‘ shouted Toyjeanius, as loud as she could – waving her bright pink sparkly wand in a swirl in the air, sprinkling stars and glitter all over the room.

(aside: Darlek’s mum mutters glumly  ‘I’ll have to clean that up later I suppose…‘)

To her absolute amazement, Darlek found one of these in her hands.  A Djeco set of 5 Paper Toys, and not just any old set of Paper Toys – these were extra-special ‘Pretty Wood’ ones!

'Djeco, Djeco, Djeco!' she cried!

‘These will help you scare away that horrid Wicked Witch of Boredom’ Toyjeanius said.

‘Yay!  Thank you!!’ replied Darlek who dug out the glue and began making her new friends.  ‘At last, I won’t have to put up with that nasty witch blowing raspberries at me through the letterbox!’

She found them surprisingly easy to make, and managed to follow the instructions on her own, which was fabulous.

"Begone, you Wicked Witch of Boredom! My friends and I will scare you away!"

The Fairy Godmother 'ToyJeanius' magicked these all the way from the Djeco kingdom!

Darlek made her friends with the help of the Djeco handbook, also magicked from the very resourceful Djeco Kingdom.

After about 15 minutes of sticking sticky stuff to paper, folding and a bit of help from Mum – Darlek had her first Pretty Wood Paper Toy – a deer who introduced himself as ‘Bibiche the Brave.’

‘Will you help me get rid of the Wicked Witch of Boredom?‘ Darlek asked hopefully. ‘Please?  I promise never to draw on the bathroom walls with felt tip, ever, ever again!’

‘Or crayon?’ replied Bibiche the Brave.  ‘If you promise that I, and my gallant Paper Toy friends will certainly help you.’

‘It’s a deal!‘ shouted Darlek, grinning happily.

Darlek set to, and made all of the woodland Paper Toys, who then hid around the garden so they could keep a watchful eye out for the Wicked Witch of Boredom.

Bernard the Cheeky Owl spotted the Wicked Witch of Boredom. ' YooooHooo down there! Leave Darlek alooone!'

Sheila the Rabbit was scared of the Witch and hid in the grass.

UCorsu yelled 'Stop blowing raspberries at Darlek' and jumped up and down on a leaf, 'This is what I'll do to your toes if you don't stop annoying her!'

Squizzle & Bibiche finally cornered the Wicked Witch of Boredom, and banished her to the Land of Apathy where she remains to this day, mainly because she can't be bothered to leave.

Free from the clutches of the Wicked Witch of Boredom, Darlek and her friends celebrate by having fun at the park!


Disclaimer: ToyJeanius sent my daughter a set of 5 Paper Toy ‘Pretty Wood’ animals to review, no other financial reward was given – However all observations and random plot twists are my own and Darlek’s.

If you like the look of these gorgeous little paper animals you can find them here for only £5.45 on the ToyJeanius site.  They’re cute, beautifully detailed and surprisingly easy to assemble.  So, if you’re having your own battle with the Wicked Witch of Boredom over the summer holidays, why not enlist a bit of help?  ;O)


2 responses to “A Djeco Silly Story – Thanks to ToyJeanius

  1. That is a hilarious review, well done. Love the fairytale approach.

  2. Once upon a time there was a very clever lady who lived with her very clever family on the brink of bedlam 😉 Fantastic review!

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