Cub’s First Winter – Rebecca Elliot – Book Review

Cub’s First Winter by Rebecca Elliot – A Review!

Cub’s First Winter is about a young fox cub experiencing Autumn and Winter for the first time – he asks his mum questions such as  ‘Why is it so c-c-cold?’ ‘Why does is the river solid?’ and ‘Why do all the birds go on holiday?’

His mother replies very simply that it’s cold so that they can snuggle up tight together, that the birds go on holidays so they can tell them about the journey when they get back, and that the river is solid so they can slide and dance on it. Lovely simple explanations that are filled with the sort of simple pleasures that kids relate to. There are other questions too, with equally sweet explanations given as replies.

'Why is it so windy' asked Cub. 'So that we can be blown about together in the tall grass!' laughed mum.

I love this book, and will definitely be reading it on a regular basis when Autumn comes round.  It’s particularly my sort of book because it focuses on the seasonal changes in nature, something I personally take delight in – the same sort of delight the mum fox takes when she explains about the darker nights.  She says that they happen so they ‘can look up at the stars for longer.’   How wonderful is that!

'Why are my friends asleep all the time?' asked Cub. 'Ssshhh! So that we can laugh at their snoring!' giggled Mum.

The illustrations fit perfectly with the words, it’s a cub exploring the world with his mum as his guide.  The pictures show them playing in the Autumn leaves, watching the migrating birds, running around in the falling snow – the sort of things I think all mums love doing with their kids, and the sort of things kids love doing with their parents too.  The stuff memories are made of maybe?  The colours are slightly muted and Cub’s First Winter definitely has a relaxed feel to it.  It’s not brightly coloured and manic as some kids books tend to be, it features blended shades with paintbrush strokes illustrating natural scenes.

'Why am I so tired?' yawned Cub. 'Because it is sleepy time,' murmured Mum. 'Night, night little cub.'

If there ever was a perfect bedtime book for a cold, winter’s evening – this would be it!  Both the kids and I really enjoy reading Cub’s First Winter!  Definitely one I’d recommend.

You can buy your own copy for £5.39 (on offer from £5.99) and it is published by Top That Publishing who very kindly sent me a copy.  No financial reward was given for this review, although I was sent a copy of the book for review purposes.


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