Cars 2 Racing Evening – UKMumsTV

Cars 2 Racing Evening –UKMumsTV

….and Kabooom!!!  A review!  Please note I have been trying to write more though!  This was simply an opportunity not to be missed and the kids had a whale of a time thanks to UKMumsTV.  I’m very happy to blog for them in return.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading about the Cars 2 Racing Evening, and that you’ll bob over to their site to see the vlog I completed for them too.  Lots of flags, excited kids and running around, we had so much fun!  I can’t embed the vlog here, because YouTube didn’t like it for some obnoxious reason, so I can’t link it.  (Kay sticks tongue out and blows a raspberry in YouTube’s direction)

Eating pizza and watching Disney Cars!

My kids have watched Disney Pixar ‘Cars’ probably about 30 times over the course of the last couple of years, that is absolutely no exaggeration.  They loved it, and are very excited about the upcoming release of Cars 2, which we shall be going to the pictures to see.  I’m expecting lots of laughs, bright bold colours, a quality script and well….popcorn all over the place!

With this in mind UKMumsTV suggested that we might like to hold a Cars 2 Racing evening.  ‘Yes!’ I shouted, and the kids then fell over themselves to see who could get to the post first from that day forward.  We were sent a number of toys to help us with our Cars 2 big event, and it was a great success as a result.

Lightening McQueen!

Tow Mater!


My nephews came over for a racing evening, pizza, a dvd and finally a sleepover – it was a big event and all the kids really got into the spirit of things.  To start off with we raced these little beauties, they are Disney Cars 2 Remote Control Vehicles from Character Options that retail at £29.99.  Outside we marked out a track with chalk, had a chequered flag to start the race and we were off! They go really fast, but are actually very controllable, and they do look identical to the characters from the film, so they’re very authentic.  Bear in mind, you do need to buy batteries though!  They come in two remote control channels, so you can only really race effectively with two cars at once as well. Thankfully they’re sturdy toys too, so I wasn’t completely terrified of them running into walls at high speed, which did happen a few times I have to say!

Ravensburger Puzzleball assembled and balanced on head, circus stylee!

After the racing we came back inside and played with this to try and calm them down a bit and to give me chance to cook the pizzas.  It is a Ravensburger Puzzle ball, which is essentially a globe shaped jigsaw that costs £10.99.  It’s not as difficult as it looks, as it has numbers on the inside which help you to piece it together in the right order.  This was a surprise hit to be honest, the kids loved it and between all of us (discounting Sausage who just wanted to smash it up) it took about an hour to piece together.

'it's my turn!' .....'Noooo!! It's my turn!'...'No way, it's my turn!' etc, etc.

The next day I kept them occupied with some of the other toys.  This is a Cars 2 World Grand Prix Game from Ravensburger and you can buy it for £12.99.  Great for getting everyone to sit down together, although you do have to watch out for the little monkeys cheating! Initially it seemed a bit complicated, but we kind of got the hang of it after a while.  I thought it was great as you get a choice of boards to play on as it is reversible.

Easy to wipe off and start again, comes with pens, templates & stamps too.

Sausage particularly loved the Cars 2 Remarkables mat from Flair (£22.99) and merrily scribbled away whilst his sister played with her Cars 2 Comic Maker from Flair (£9.99).  Both of these were popular toys, although I think the Comic maker is possibly a little expensive for what it is, but it did keep Darlek occupied for absolutely ages, and she was very proud of the comic she made.  The Remarkables mat is going to be a firm favourite for a while – the pen colours are very bright, and pen marks do wash off fairly easily so you can simply wipe it over and start again. Clever!

The Comic Maker was a great project for Darlek.

Many thanks to UKMumsTV for sending us these fabulous toys, we had the best Disney Cars 2 evening ever, and we can’t wait for the film to come out now – even me, and I’m a grown up! (ish)


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  1. Brilliant! I wish youd invited me, I’m such a big kid. Go lightening McQueen!

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