Lamb Chops & Mathematics

Lamb Chops & Mathematics

(This is maybe not a post for vegetarians…)

Darlek seriously loves her maths, it amazes me how much she enjoys mucking about with numbers.  This evening I made lamb chops & veg for tea, and she turned it into a mathematical exercise.  I think it’s fabulous that she’s so inventive.

I’ve never got on with numbers and have always found them to be unfriendly buggers that confuse me, but words on the other hand are my mates.  Nothing pleases me more than playing with a couple of verbs and adjectives and coming up with something half interesting.  Darlek on the other hand, seems to love numbers and plays with them in a similar way to how I play with words.  In this instance she combined numbers with her dinner of all things!  Explanation to follow!

This evening she sat there staring at her dinner.  ‘Six!’ she said loudly and picked up the chop between her fingers, the larger meatier bit at the bottom, and the longer fattier bit at the top.  It did indeed look like a six.  Sausage thought this was great, and picked up his chop and waved it about a bit too.

‘Put it down, and stop playing with your food, but yep, that does look like a six’ I said.  Followed shortly afterwards by me saying  ‘Sausage, enough is enough!’ as he waved his lamb chop about even more.

Two minutes later Darlek ripped her chop in half and proudly announced that she had a number 10 this time.  Laid neatly on her plate she had placed the longer bit to the left, and the slightly circular bony bit of the chop next to it.  It did look like a number 10.

‘Honestly, please use your knife and fork’ I said in a mumsy way, whilst agreeing that it did indeed look like a number 10.  Sausage was eating his dinner sporadically with his fingers by this point and I’d almost given up all hope of decorum.

The peas were props next.  ‘Look mum! I’ve got 100 now!’  That particular sum was the long meaty bit of chop, followed by a pea, and then again with a circular bit of lamb chop.  Swiftly moving on Darlek swipped and swopped her dinner around and came up with 110 – which involved ripping another longish bit of meat off and strategically laying it on her plate.

Even though I was going spare at both her and Sausage for eating like cavemen, I was really impressed with her ingenuity.  Poor love couldn’t eat with her knife and fork by the end of this anyway, as her hands were covered in grease.  Meal times are very civilised at our house, dontcha know!

The point I’m making is that I’m beginning to realise my daughter might think along different lines, intellectually, but she has a way of doing things that I think we both might share.  Although I really struggle to understand how maths and numbers in general can be even the remotest bit interesting, I can appreciate how making something out of what’s in front of you is fun. That’s why I blog and that’s why she does maths with lamb chops and peas.  Perhaps she is her mother’s daughter after all!


3 responses to “Lamb Chops & Mathematics

  1. this reminds me of many years ago when daughter no 2 who struggled with maths was having trouble counting. we took out various spice jars. salt cellars etc and she used these for adding up and taking away from 20, the making of tea was put on hold for a while but she managed. Im with your daughter,, I would have sat in a physics or maths class all day long, hated english and history, never grasped verbs and adverbs at all, and even 6 yr ago when I toddled off to uni after said daughter no2 had got her degree she helped me enormously with my essays and dissertation. lifes full circle there I suppose….and as for playing with the food my grandchildren feel it is necessary as well, granddad despairs of them.

  2. I only wish I could get BabyMibs to eat meat! He, despite my attempts otherwise, appears to be a confirmed veggie through his own choice, ( although anything actually resembling a veggie is as yucky to him as meat and fish seem to be!)
    His maths is coming along ok with pennies and the plant seeds when we set the garden up!
    I just wish I knew your secret to getting a child to eat meat!
    ( aqnd yes, we have tried the “annabel karmel recipes, he loves making them but STILL won’t actually eat them!)

  3. I think this is ace, very inventive. I get lost when Ethan & Sam start practising maths stuff, I’m secretly using the calculator on my phone to see if they’re right.

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