‘Ice Lollies!’

Ice Lollies!

Use a tray! We ended up with orange juice all over the side....

Evening all!  Finally I’ve got around to posting about the ice-lollies I was on about earlier in the week! It was just a lovely, simple way to spend 20 minutes or so with my youngest, and we had fun so I thought I’d share the photos and the recipe (If you can call a Pineapple, and a splash of orange juice a recipe?).

The weather has been so muggy recently, and ice-lollies are really refreshing and if you make them with fresh fruit they’re actually healthy too.  I have to confess I’ve used leftover flat Coca-Cola for lollies in the past, but as Darlek says, they taste nice at first and then they just end up as icy water with nothing much else to them – plus Coca Cola isn’t known for building strong bones or teeth is it! (Go on, mutter under your breath about caffeine and sugar content…you know you want to.)

Anyway, to make amends for my bad lolly parenting I made these.  First of all I got a Pineapple (it was going cheap at our local green-grocer because it was very ripe, perfect for juiciness and chopping up).

Totally Tropical!

Next I chopped the husk (is that what it’s called?  Answers on a postcard please) off, and the spikey top.  I gave Sausage a very, very blunt knife and the very ripe pieces to chop up on a tray of his own, and went about dissecting the majority of the pineapple myself, although Sausage obviously thought he’d done the lion’s share of the chopping himself, and who was I to disillusion him?  Please note, sharp knives and small children do not mix.  Use common sense, lots of supervision and do the chopping yourself if you’re at all unsure if your little one is old enough to handle anything remotely stabby.  I did warn you!

Stuff fruit and juice into the lolly moulds, squish to to your heart's content to fit in as much as possible!

Next pour fresh orange juice in until the moulds are full to the brim.  Beware over-enthusiastic pouring.  We had an orange juice flood to contend with!

Whoosh goes the orange juice! The less full the carton, the easier it is to pour by the way.

Then simply add the tops, and place in freezer whilst aforementioned child strops because he want to ‘eat now!’ and doesn’t want to wait for them to freeze.

We left ours for a full day to freeze properly, although I’m sure you can eat them sooner than that.  The great thing is you can adapt this basic recipe as you wish as well, use different sorts of juices and  mix and match your fruit maybe?

You can buy lolly moulds for next to nothing in pound shops and supermarkets all over the place, just make sure you buy ones that are the right size for your freezer shelf!  It’s also a good idea to buy two sets of moulds like these, so that you can make the most of your ingredients.


I just thought I’d blog this because I know I’m feeling a little nervous about the long summer hols and how I’m going to occupy my two.  I just thought it might be an idea for anyone stuck for an afternoon’s activity.  By the way, if anyone else would like to share simple, cost effective recipes or activities that involve a minimum of preparation or equipment, I’d be glad to hear them!  Not that I’m lazy or anything….

2 responses to “‘Ice Lollies!’

  1. I have some over ripe pears and bananas and some spare rice milk…..hmmmm I wonder….silk shake lollies possible?? shame not got a lolly maker….Elaine ponders this one….hmmm did daughter say she had one….watch this space…

  2. I’ve made fruit juice ones, but never with chopped fruit, bet they were yum!

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