Simple, Easy, Birthday Cake!

Simple, Easy, Birthday Cake!

Whaddya think! (looks a bit Barbie-esque if you ask me, but it was my bestest effort ever!))

Add icing sugar to the pile too. The basic ingredients!

I have quite literally made about 3 cakes in five years.   They are not my speciality at all!   As a rule I tend to avoid cooking sweet things because I become very greedy and am prone to hiding in the kitchen and eating slice after slice when no-one is looking.  Will power is not my strongpoint.  But….drum roll…..this weekend I made a birthday cake, completely from scratch and even decorated it!  Why the change of heart you ask?  It’s because my sis is the best sis in the world and I wanted her to know how much I appreciate the help and support she’s given me and my family over the last month or so.

Anyway! If you’re similarly domestically challenged, you might find this recipe useful?  I thought I’d share it, and to be absolutely honest I really wanted to post a picture of it because it took me all afternoon and I was actually quite pleased with it in the end.  See what you think!

The recipe came from the Good Food website and it’s for a basic Victoria Sponge cake.

You’ll need 2 cake tins, 20cm diameter.  I greased them with Biona coconut oil.  There’s a lot of butter in this recipe already, so I figured using a little less on the tins at least helps keep the fat content down a bit.

Lightly grease the cake tins. The kids love this bit.

Ingredients for cake:

175g Xlitol (sugar substitute)

3 eggs (beaten)

175g Butter

175g Self Raising Flour

Step 1: Cream together butter and Xlitol till light and fluffy (or until your arm goes numb from beating the stuff)

Looks like snow!

Step2: Add beaten eggs very gradually.  I curdled the mixture terribly and it looked like scrambled eggs for a while, but my trusty hand held blender came to the rescue.

Scrambled eggs anyone?

Step 3: Fold in Self Raising Flour.  I’ve never really ‘got’ this folding malarkey, so I just stir it in slowly and hope that does the trick usually.

Step 4: Pour equal amounts into both cake tins.

Step 5: Cross fingers and toes, put cakes in oven at 180 degrees and keep peeping through the oven window to check they’re not burning.  I think it took about 15 minutes in this case.

Step 6: Leave to cool on wire rack. (cover with tea-towel because of blasted flies buzzing around the house – Oh the joys of summer!)

Look, they're not burnt! Shock, horror, fall over!

Step 7:  For the icing I simply got 100g of icing sugar and dissolved a tablespoon of lukewarm water into it, and then mixed.  It was more than enough to cover the cake. Very gloopy stuff!

Step 8: Whisk medium size tub of double cream until it’s the texture of fluffy concrete.  Fight kids off, as they have a tendency to eat everything as they go along (this particular tip applies all the way through the cake making to be honest)

Beware of splattering cream all over the place.

Step 9:  Liberally plaster each cake with jam on one side, slap a load of cream on one, and then sandwich the two cakes together.  *important note* When kids offer to ‘squish’ the cake, do not….Repeat DO NOT let them press down too hard.  We had cream oozing all over the place after some rather too enthusiastic squishing.

Spread carefully so as not to break the sponge cake in half.

Step 9 – Dribble icing on cake and then scatter Chocobeans all over it (or whatever edible niceties you have in the kitchen that’ll do)

Looks posh doesn't it! (ahem!) A little over squished...

Step 10 – Wrap a strip of tin foil around the sides to tidy the oozing jam & cream up a little – wrap ribbon, tie bow, stick on random butterfly found in craft cupboard –  stand back and go ‘Oh my God, it actually looks edible!’

I went to hell and back trying to fit this in the biscuit tin without it dropping in pieces!

Step 11 – Drink small glass of wine to steady nerves after manic cake making.

Step 12 – Avoid washing up or tidying kitchen.

All in all, it was quite a sucess, no-one was more shocked than me!  Last night I trekked over to Sis’s house so that she could have her birthday cake after a hard day’s work, the poor love finished at 10pm.  Today she is visiting with her kids and aforementioned cake, so I’ll get to try a piece then.  Apparently it is ‘sublime!’  I’m just happy to have made something that even goes a little way towards saying thank you to her for being my sister and my sanity most days.

Healthy Supplies provided the Xlitol and the Biona Coconut oil, and for that I am very grateful.   It meant the cake was a lot healthier than it would have been!  Xlitol is very clever stuff too, you use it in exactly the same amounts as you would sugar, so it’s simple to use.   The Biona Organic Coconut Oil is amazing stuff too!  Not only can you use it for cooking, frying etc, you can use it on your skin and hair too!    I told that to Sausage, he looked very puzzled at me and said ‘Not for hair!  Is for cake!’ but if you’re more adventurous with your beauty products than I am, you might want to give it a try.

* Just as an afterpost, I’ve just found out that Xylitol is not very good for Colitis sufferers, so if you do this recipe, please do bear that in mind. Mind you, double cream, butter etc isn’t v good for Colitis sufferers either. I think moderation is probably the key. I had 1 and half pieces, very restrained for me! (waits for pat on back)


8 responses to “Simple, Easy, Birthday Cake!

  1. Aww this is really lovely, and even better that the kids had a hand in it. Lucky Sister! Hope she had a lovely day x

  2. wow well done Kay, that is marvellous, and you have every right to be proud of yourself. if you add a spoonful of flour when mixing n the eggs it helps to prevent the curdling you got. gonna go read about Xlitol as never heard of it.
    Did the kids lick the empty bowl of raw cake mix? best bit of the whole process…..just doesnt work with my cake mix unfortunately
    glad you all enjoyed it and your sis liked the sentiment behind it

  3. totally cute! and YUMMY “)
    have another piece for me ok?
    son’s b’day today – out on tour so can’t offer him cake 😦
    would love a slice tho’ !!
    well done…

  4. Looks amazing Kay and I consider myself a cake pro! Kids just love to get involved when ever I allow (makes it 3 times as long!). Well done!

  5. Debra Hainsworth

    well done, it looks great.

  6. Now I am both hungry and jealous lol very well done you xx


  8. Terrytull, it has Xylitol in it, so shouldn’t affect your diet too much! Be careful not to eat too much at once if you decide to use this recipe though ;O) Thanks for everyone’s comments. I may even try to make another cake if I’m feeling brave enough. Watch this space!

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