I’m a Toy Genius for ToyJeanius!

I’m a Toy Genius for ToyJeanius!

Over the years I’ve had some ordinary job titles, for example:  Admin Assistant, Communications Operative, Biscuit Packer, School Dinner Lady, Receptionist, Office Monkey – you catch my drift.  Now at least if I ever manage to get back to work I can add ‘Toy Genius’ to my CV.  The lovely Jean from ToyJeanius has asked me to become a regular reviewer for her independent, online, family run, fabulous toy shop in Hertfordshire.  I am absolutely over the moon!

As I said in one of my most recent blog posts, I’m still planning to concentrate on writing about parenthood and associated peaks and troughs more than anything else, but I am going to continue reviewing in a more disciplined and erm….(ha-ha!) organised fashion. Yes I can do organised…(Kay juts her chin out and looks determined)….stop sniggering or I’ll throw a soggy nappy at you or something…you have been warned!  *wags finger*

Lambie! Made from sustainable rubber-wood and natural paints! What a cutie!

Anyway, as part of my relevant reviewing I’ll be featuring ToyJeanius, and vlogging and posting about some of their gorgeous, quality, toys.  They feature Haba, Djeco, I’m Toy and a whole range of timeless toys for all ages.  About a year ago I won one of their Facebook competitions and they sent me an absolutely gorgeous ride-on plush horse that sang when you affectionately squeezed its ear. This particular toy went to a little cousin of mine, and is well loved and ridden to this day.  It still works, and it still looks fabulous.  ToyJeanius sell long lasting, lovely toys and I’m so proud to be associated with them.

Brio Classic Pull Along Giraffe - Solid Wooden Toy!

Here’s a few examples of the fantastic toys they stock.  They’re made from good, solid, environmentally friendly where possible, materials and are very affordable.  I love that so many of their toys are made from fabric or wood, rather than the usual garish plastic you often find on the high street.

Soft, brightly coloured fabric with different textures! 5 part stacking toy from Haba Colori.

So, watch this space for ToyJeanius toy testing!  My two are little rambunctious vandals so all toys will be thoroughly tested to their very limits – have no fear of that!

Apparently there were over 40 applications to work alongside ToyJeanius, so I am genuinely, completely, amazed that the Brink of Bedlam made the grade. Miracles happen yet!

I’m pleased to be reviewing alongside 5 other families and their associated blogs. My fellow ToyJeanius team mates are here, and they’re all lovely folks.  I’m in good company! :O) (grins happily)

@Missielizzieb from ‘Me & My Shadow,’

@Edspire from ‘Edspire’ Esther and William in the World

@Choc0range from ‘ChocOrangeCityMum’

@Jessies_online from ‘The Crazy Kitchen’

@TheBoyAndMe from ‘The Boy & Me’


3 responses to “I’m a Toy Genius for ToyJeanius!

  1. What a fabulous title 🙂 I shall look forward to your posts on this

  2. congrats Kay. You deserve it. Look forward to more of your writing! x

  3. Well done Kay 🙂

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