Finger-Painting! – A Sunny Afternoon Sat Outside!

Finger-Painting! –

A Sunny Afternoon Sat Outside!

IzziWizzi Kids run a feature called ‘Make Time 2 Play’ which is exactly about that – spending quality time with your children.  It focuses on the simple games that children play, that are imagination rich and that involve you as a parent getting down to the kids’ level and playing with them.

Here’s my contribution!  All you need are paints (I used Glob paints again), a strip of old wallpaper, plates to put the paints on, and fingers!  You might want to use an apron for the kids too.  The artistic (ahem!) theme was the weather!  We seem to have had a lot of it recently!  The camera angle is too low, so the top of my head is missing for most of this, sorry.  Will I never learn!!!



4 responses to “Finger-Painting! – A Sunny Afternoon Sat Outside!

  1. What a fab vlog! I loved watching you two having fun.

    I found this great book in a charity shop the other week, you might try and track it down, its really good. x

  2. hehehe you managed not to get completely covered as well! Well done you!

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  4. So great to see you having so much fun with Glob paints. I once rolled my son down a length of wall paper after he wanted to make body prints x

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