Foxes Have Swords!

Foxes Have Swords!

Kids have a very strange view of the world.   The other night I was tucking Sausage into bed, and as I stroked his hair out of his eyes, he looked up at me and said what sounded like ‘Foxes have toes mummy’.  I agreed, and said ‘Yes, foxes do have toes, if they didn’t have them they’d fall over’.  (I think you have to pronounce toes with a northern accent to get this one by the way)

He looked at me,  frowned and did the ‘Mummy’s a nutter’ expression and continued with ‘Foxes are dangerous!’  Something clicked and then I realised he meant ‘Foxes have swords!’  Recently he’s been running around the house with a plastic sword a lot.  I think he may have been hunting for foxes.

As he closed his eyes, he muttered at least three or four times ‘I got a sword!’.   We can all sleep safely in the knowledge that Sausage is going to keep us all safe from dangerous foxes with swords – phew!  Thank goodness for that.

One response to “Foxes Have Swords!

  1. Yes foxes have fighty tords tho they find them difficult to grip because of their foxgloves

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