Supernatural Kids Clothing – The Review!

Supernatural Kids Clothing

The Review and the Giveaway!

I posted a while ago about Supernatural Kids Clothing, they are a very eco conscious business that sell stylish and comfortable T’shirts, treggings and shift dresses in co-ordinating colours made from Modal and organic cotton fabrics. I’m very happy to support a clothing company with a conscience!  Here’s a link to the original competition post!  Click HERE to find out how to enter!

They are currently running a promotion with this blog where they will supply two prizes for two lucky winners who subscribe to the Brink of Bedlam – when we reach the magic 100 blog subscribers mark.  Someone will win a set of T’sirt and Treggings, and another lucky winner will win a T’shirt and Shift dress.  So if you’re a casual reader, get yourself signed up and be in with a chance!

Well, Sausage has now tried and tested these clothes!  They have been washed several times now, and they’ve been very well worn by my youngest.

I’m happy to say, the clothes have surpassed themselves!  The treggings in particular are very soft and comfortable and Sausage has happily crawled about, climbed in and put them to much use.  The T’shirt has a nice wide neck which means it’s easy to put on and take off – which is an absolute bonus!  He’s taken to having huge panicky yelling fits if any of his tops get stuck half way over his head, which is traumatic for all concerned.  This does not ever happen with this top, which is fabulous! All the colours have continued to look great too.  No complaints at all!  Supernatt seems to be onto a good thing!

Modal and organic cotton appears to be an original and very practical combination too. I don’t use softener as a rule because I have quite sensetive skin, but the outfits have still retained the slightly silky soft touch even without softener, which is typical of this material.

I love these simple, sweet, stylish clothes, and I love the ethics behind the company too.  On their website it even reminds people who buy Supernatural Kids Clothing to pass outgrown outfits on to brothers and sisters so they can get even more use out of them – the ultimate in recycling.  How lovely is that!

So, what are you waiting for! Please do tell anyone, and everyone, and their mates, and their mate’s kids, and their kid’s schoolfriend’s mums……that we are running a giveaway!  Supernatt wants to give away these clothes, I want to share the loveliness that is Supernatural Kid’s Clothing.  We’re at 82 subscribers now, as soon as we reach the magic 100 blog subscribers I’ll draw the winners!  If I ask nicely will you help me promote this competition?  All you have to do is tweet, or tell people or share on Facebook, pretty please?  Thank you in advance :O) xxxxx


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