Benecol & a Confession

Benecol & a Confession!

This is a bee busily searching for Benecol coupons. There are :O(

Me and my odd emails, I never learn do I!  I’m actually a bee, did you know that?  (Actually I’m a Bzz Agent if I’m being specific, although I prefer to claim insect ancestry, because it sounds more interesting.)

If you want to know what being a BzzAgent is – click HERE!  They run some brilliant campaigns and promotions, whilst specialising  in word of mouth product publicity.

Anyway, in this instance I’ve been a crap Busy BzzAgent.  I sent them this email by way of an apology.  I’m hoping they’ll not chuck me out of the hive…


Just before I start, I just want to make it very clear that I am now grovelling.  Sorry, sorry, sorry i did not manage to post any Benecol feedback!  Please could you still consider me as a dedicated BzzAgent?  *waves bee antennae*

As it happens I’ve been really ill with Colitis this last month, eventually landing myself in hospital on IV Steroids – and margarine (although an important issue), has been the least of my worries.  I did try and find the Benecol paperwork, but it seems to have disappeared in the black hole that is my coupon drawer, amongst the old receipts and grubby birthday cards from last year.  *blushes*

When the Benecol info initially arrived, I did hand a coupon to my sister and to my mum, whilst muttering something about plant anti-acids or something, and gave them a leaflet – but considering I’d not tried the stuff I couldn’t really put my heart and soul into my usually zealous BzzAgent sharing and caring attitude.  *blushes again*

This bee is frowning because it still cannot find the posh margarine!

I run a blog and had planned to post a Benecol review, with all the bells, whistles and pictures of stylish Benecol tubs I could find displayed for all to see – but it would be a work of fiction if I attempted that now, as I’ve never even tasted the stuff – although it does sound very healthy and beneficial.*speaking from a knackered Colitis sufferer point of view*

My blog is the Brink of Bedlam (, and I plan to Bzzzz like a busy bee on there on your behalf if you would pretty please forgive me for being a slacker in respect of this campaign.

*Bzzzzzzzz…zzzzzzzzz…..zzzzz!!!!!!!  (that’s me buzzing like the little enthusiastic insect I truly am)

I like posh margarine, I really do.  I also like bees, real ones that sit on flowers and ones that send me brilliant campaigns such as yours.  I hope you can find the sweet nectar of forgiveness in your beeish heart and include me in your future promotions *flutters bee wings hopefully*

I’ve posted this email on my blog, because you sent me lots of leaflets and coupons, so I owe you that much at least.  I like being a BzzAgent and you deserve the publicity!

Best wishes,

Kay  :O)
@Chaoskay on Twitter
The Brink of Bedlam Blog
Don’t ask me why I posted this, I just felt like it.  Who knows the ways of bees! (Kay looks enigmatic and buzzes off into the front room to watch telly and drink tea)

One response to “Benecol & a Confession

  1. I have not had an offer from bzzagent for over a year….

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