Glob Natural Paints from The Little Green Paintbox

Glob Natural Paints from

The Little Green Paintbox

How to Make a ‘Glob Picture!’

Botanical Blends Natural Paints with Organic Extracts! Glob!

Today Sausage and I were bored, and restless. CBeebies was simply not cutting the mustard, and Mr Tumble seemed all Tumbled out – so we decided to paint!

Not with any old paint though!  Oh no!  We used some ‘Glob Natural Paints’ that were sent to us a while ago by The Little Green Paintbox.  Now I don’t know about you, but even the name ‘Glob’ makes me laugh.  It just sounds messy and fun doesn’t it.  With that in mind I put Sausage in an old shirt to catch stains, and an apron.  I put on an apron too, placed a sheet on the floor – and then we were off!  Sausage was fascinated with the little teabag-like sachets of paints, they are beautifully presented!  They also smell of sherbert which is nice, although if your child has a penchant for this particular candy, I’d keep an eye on them.  Fruit and veg extracts they may be, edible they are not.

Gorgeous rainbow of colours and pictures!

Step One!  We sprinkled a little of various colours onto a plate, and added a little water here and there.

The colours look really vivid when mixed with a dab of water!

Step Two! Next Sausage tipped the plate to and fro to blend the colours, eventually deciding to swirl the pattern with his fingers.

Swirling colours that reminded me of peacock feathers.

Step Three!  We placed a blank white sheet of paper over the plate and pressed down, trying to soak up the paint underneath, purposefully squishing creases.

Cover the plate!


Step 4! Pick up the piece of paper and ‘Taa Daaah!’ as Sausage gleefully shouted every time we made one of these!

A 'Glob!'

Step 5!  Make another one!

A bunch of Forget-me-nots maybe?

Step 6!  Create chaos and start finger and hand painting!

This one reminds me of a Gecko pawprint.

I hope my photos have done the Glob paint justice, the colours are absolutely beautiful, and they are brilliant for mixing.   You can make the paint as thick or as thin as you like, depending on how much water you add.  The packets recommend between 2 – 5 tablespoons of water per 1 ounce sachet, but we just messed around with the amounts and had enough to paint with.  After this session there was still a lot of powder left, and I think it will occupy another bored Wednesday afternoon sometime, for sure.

There’s a lot more in those packets than you’d think!  There’s 1 ounce of thick paint in each sachet, or 2-3 ounces if you prefer thinner paint.  Another little aside, is that on the back of the packet it mentions about how these paints can be used to colour Play Dough too. I intend to make a tie-dyed effect yellow and orange ball of play dough next week.  I bet it looks really eye catching!

I stopped them from stroking the cat shortly after this....

One of these Glob Paints packages contains 6 different botanical blends of colours and costs only £7.50 from The Little Green Paintbox (@TlgPaintbox on Twitter if you’d like to contact them).   I’ve been very impressed with the pretty packaging and the depth of the colours, definitely a worthwhile addition to the craft drawer.

If you’d like to visit The Little Green Paintbox, please click here!  There’s a huge range of naturally sourced craft materials on there, and a lot of crafty inspiration too!  THE LITTLE GREEN PAINTBOX

This is a sponsored post,  however all thoughts & observations are my own.  I have not been paid for this post, although The Little Green Paintbox did supply me with the Glob paints to douse my living room and children with.




2 responses to “Glob Natural Paints from The Little Green Paintbox

  1. pamperedmummy

    Wow they look great. Think I may have to get some. Great review and love the pictures.

  2. I agree great review and the photo’s are fab, looks great messy fun!

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