The Vorticity Vacuum Cleaner Review! Part Deux

The Vorticity Vacuum Cleaner Review!  Part Deux.

The review you’ve waited all year for? Remember?  No? Here’s a quick reminder – click HERE for the first installment.  ‘The Vorticity Has Landed!’

Battle Scarred but still battling on almost a year later! The Vorticity is 'Wellard!'

Many, many moons ago Morphy Richards (or @MRLoveYourHome as they are fondly known as on Twitter) sent me a Vorticity to review.  The kids in particular were very excited about the package when it arrived in the post, and demonstrated how easily assembled it was by completing almost all of the process themselves, and they were 2yrs and 5 yrs old at the time!  Obviously they were supervised carefully.  They aren’t technological genius’ or anything, it’s just the Vorticity is really easy to put together which is great because I’m easily confused when it comes to basic lego, never mind household gadgets.

Now, anyone who owns a vacuum cleaner will know that they nearly always work brilliantly at first, so reviewing a brand new vacuum cleaner straight out of the box seemed a little like cheating.  I decided to review this Vorticity after it had had some ‘hammer,’  it is now part of the family and has survived Christmas , Easter and various family gatherings, glitter explosions and playdoh crumbs – and it still works really well!  It’s ‘wellard!’

Here’s a quick YouTube clip demonstrating what the vacuum looks like and how it performs

The one thing that has impressed me more than anything is that The Vorticity does actually seem to use a technique that is revolutionary.  Almost every vacuum cleaner I’ve come across has a rolling brush to dislodge the dust and dirt on a carpet – the unfortunate side effect being that this tends to involve dragging up a lot of the carpet fibre itself too.  The Vorticity blasts the carpet with high powered air to loosen debris, and then the air current simply sucks it back up again. I really feel that using a Vorticity regularly could seriously extend your carpet’s overall floor life, it simply does not rip into it and damage it like other commercial vacuum cleaners do.

Doesn't pull your carpet to shreds!

Press a bottom at the top and the bottom simply flips open! (s'cuse the dust, it's a well used Vorticity!)

In addition to this it is refreshingly easy to empty the vacuum cleaner when it gets full.  If you can see the photo above, it is simply a case of pressing a button and the bottom opens releasing all the dust and dirt straight into the refuse.  If anything decides to hang on in there you can remove the filter with a simple click and shake it, simple as.

I also thought that the Vorticity was very adjustable in regards to the length of the handle, and how well it reached under sofas and got to grips with the more inaccessable bits of the living room.  Very convenient!  It is also a surprisingly quiet hoover, which is much easier to live with than one that sounds like a jet engine taking off (my old vacuum cleaner was a little attention seeking).

Lies completely flat to the floor so it's great for getting under sofas. Saves on shifting furniture around!

There was a minor issue with the handle though, which was a little disappointing. As far as I could tell, a small plastic link snapped inside the two connecting tubes that extend and contract the reach of the hoover.  Having said that, these things do happen with wear and tear and it did give Morphy Richards the chance to show how efficient and helpful they are in regards to customer service. The part was posted out and the vacuum cleaner usable again in no time at all. No messing!

All that remains is for me to say thank you to Morphy Richards for allowing me to review the Vorticity, it really is a great little helper around the house.  We love it, it looks space-age (which endears it to the kids), stacks away neatly, is reasonably quiet, easy to assemble and use, works in an unusual and revolutionary way, sucks up tons of debris, is easy to maintain and has Morphy Richard’s exemplary Customer Service and guarantee to back it up should there be any issues.

This is a sponsored post,  however all thoughts & observations are my own.  I have not been paid for this post, although Morphy Richards did send me a Vorticity vacuum cleaner to put through its paces.


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