Getting Better! :O)

Getting Better!

I’m writing this after coming home from a visit to hospital after a particularly nasty Colitis flare up – I feel so much better now and have enough meds to knock out an elephant so I finally feel I can cope, after weeks of just about keeping a handle on things.  Hopefully things will continue to improve.  I was bored in hospital last night and wrote this, so the situation is very different now really.   Everything is back to ‘normal’ now and I just need to take things a bit easier for a while – which suits me fine!

Greetings from the infirmary!

I’ve been very naughty and have smuggled my Netbook and iPhone into the hospital so I can blog a little and keep in touch with people. If I stop typing suddenly, it’s because a nurse has come into my room and I’ve buried the puter under my bedcovers or it’s been confiscated.

Why am I blogging from hospital you may wonder?  Well, it’s not a very fun topic really, but my Proctitis / Colitis has flared up and they suspect it has begun working its merry way further up my colon, which is nice.  I coped for a while, and then the pain got too much so NHSDirect (bless ’em!) packed me off to hospital this morning.  I’m on intravenious steroids now so I’m hopefully going to be on the mend very soon.  In addition to the steroids I’m on lorry loads of painkillers so woo hoo for Buscopan and Paracetamol, my new best friends.

I’ll be honest and say after weeks of gritting my teeth and bearing horrid symptoms, it’s downright great to throw my hands in the air and say ‘Enough! Take me into hospital, pump me full of drugs and for f*cks sake look after me!’  I am very relieved to be somewhere I can just lie in bed and not do anything to trigger tummy pains, no more painful school runs for a while at least. On average I walk for a minimum of an hour a day, if not more so they have been quite a serious issue recently.  Anyway thank the god of painkillers for the NHS, they’ve been wonderful.

It’s not a big deal or anything, and I do expect to be better quite soon hopefully.  I’ve got Cybermummy next weekend so if I’m not better, expect to see me clambering on a National Express coach in a hospital gown, lugging an intravenious drip, probably swearing as I get tangled in the wires. (actually in reality the drip is a lot tidier than that, they’ve just put a plug thing in my arm)

Sausage and Darlek have been fairly unphased by mummy’s disappearance, I kissed them goodbye about 6 hours ago now and left them in the capable hands of my very hassled husband.  I feel awful, Horace is due to go on a coast to coast cycling trip this weekend.  He’s bought all the proper cycling kit and has been ‘cycling’ whilst watching the TV on a rack thing in our living roomn for practise for weeks now.  (It’s really annoying, I can’t hear the telly for the whoosing noise of the pedals and the wheels).  Even if I get out of here in a couple of days I don’t fancy looking after our wonderful, but hyperactive kids on my own for four days, so I reckon Horace is going to be disappointed one way or another.  It’s not as if I did this on purpose though is it.  Guilt is a silly thing.

I do miss the kids, in my mind I’ve wandered into their rooms, tucked their duvets and blankets around them, arranged teddy bears and have kissed them good night.  It’s not as if they know that, but it makes me feel better.  I must remember not to get upset, it gives me tummy ache.  In fact any sudden emotion seems to bring on an upset tummy which is odd.  I’ve never really noticed this before.  I suppose it’s like an extension of that feeling you get when something good happens and your tummy / heart jumps, or when you feel sad and your tummy / heart sinks.  That sounds a bit mad doesn’t it.  Well it feels like that anyway.  What do know is that I’m not watching any comedies this evening, if I laugh lots I think I’d be out there begging the nurses for paracetamol again.

So there you have it, I’m afraid there’ll be no ThankVlogItsFriday.  You may actually be relieved.  I’m not sure when I’ll be able to upload this either, but I do hope to get back on track with this blog as soon as I can.  With feeling ill etc, I’ve been a bit off the ball recently so apologies to anyone waiting for reviews from me.  My enthusiasm and I will return with a vengeance shortly, I promise.

Many thanks for the get well wishes so many of you have sent.  It’s really not that bad though, I get to lie in bed all day, have my meals delivered, free drugs, what more could a girl ask for?  Maybe a new colon I suppose….

13 responses to “Getting Better! :O)

  1. feel better soon Kay, and Im surprised our hospital allow laptops and mobiles along as they are on silent and you don’t use them whilst the Dr is in the room nobody objects to them.
    If I see any comps for new colons then I will give you a shout.

  2. It said in the visitors book something about not plugging them in, and that if you want to do that you have to hand them over to staff for checking or something. I just charged mine over night. Stickers around about not bringing in valuable stuff too. I couldn’t live without my phone and my tinternet connection though!

  3. aw sweetie I feel for you I really do, me & BabyMibs went in to hospital to visit a friend last friday, and have been ill ever since with some kind of norovirus….I so don’t envy you right now,, GET WELL SOON BIG HUGZ XXXXXXX

  4. Hugs to you! I was also shocked I was allowed my phone in the hospital last week and I went on Twitter

  5. yes any electrical items brought in are suppose to be handed to estates in our hospital who check them for electrical safety and label them and hand them back, can take a couple of days and estates dont do it at weekends, staff tend to turn a blind eye to it as it makes the patients lives more comfortable. we even have patients brining in their own portable digital tv’s at the moment as the hospital tv’s are all old none digital so wont work any more. you have infection control to worry about as well not just electrical safety, but I doubt a 2nd patient is going to use the 1st patients items then again they turn a blind eye

  6. Sorry you’ve been poorly, but great that you’re on the mend. Don’t let the guilt thing get to you, we all do it, but it is pointless. You need rest and recuperation.


  7. Glad you are on the mend. I’m stuck in hospital trying, and so far failing to give birth. I think I’m missing my computer more than the kids! The signal is pants so It’s a chore just to check email. If I don’t manage to update angry birds soon I may cry!

  8. Sarah! I’m so excited for you, are they trying to induce you? I know the waiting around stage is so tedious and yet exciting at the same time. Pls, pls do tell us how you get on. I love a good birth story. Genuinly thinking of you and hoping it all goes really well and that you don’t have too much pain & that you have your beautiful new baby in your arms very, very soon! xxxxx

  9. M2M, thanks for your message! I don’t feel that guilty tbh, OH is off cycling anyway. He’s prepared for it for so long, I can’t bear to stop him going. It’d be like taking a favourite toy away from the kids or something. Anyway, I’m just going to try and take things calmly and take on board any & all help offered. it’ll be fine! Hope you’re doing ok too, have been reading all your blogs and thinking of you lots with everything you’ve been going through. xxx

    Elaine, I just wasn’t sure if they’d take the netbook off me if they saw it. A few of them spotted it and didn’t say anything, but I just didn’t want to risk it too much. I’d have gone mad without some form of electronics, lol! Talk about a media addict!

    Julie, you sound a lot better too, glad to hear it! Blood tests are horrid aren’t they and I don’t even have a phobia. Sausage tried to kiss my arm better where they’d put the plug in, lol! Was very cute.

    MibsXX I hope you’re feeling better, those sort of bugs are horrendous. All the best to your friend in hospital too x

  10. Kay, don’t know if this is the best way to get a message to you – are you ALWAYS plugged in? 🙂 – but I am only round the corner / up the hill. Could easily have your kids for a couple of hours over the weekend, if that would help. I’m unplugging soon, so text me if you want to take me up on the offer x

  11. Glad to hear you’re feeling better now. So scary when I read you were in hospital, but I hope you got some rest at least xx

  12. Good to hear you are on the mend. Take care of yourself and don’t feel guilty about needing rest and fussing over or feel you must do things for everyone else until you are really back to your oldself again.

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