Win a Writing Bootcamp Competition!

Win a Writing Bootcamp Competition!

Publicly announcing I have entered competitions on my blog seems to be a kiss of death, I don’t think I’ve won one yet. Still, I am undeterred, determined and stirred to compete nonetheless! Silly fool that I am! Here goes another one!

I am entering a Win a Writing Bootcamp competition. In order to enter I have to write a short paragraph saying why I write, and what my biggest challenge/s are. 300 words max. There’s some links I have to add, and some emails I have to contact. In addition to these fiery hoops I have to spend some time humouring the Comping Fairy so I have a chance at winning. So, Comping Fairy, listen ‘ere! I’d like to win something other than bizarre ‘things’ that I can’t tell my mum about (don’t ask).  I need to win useful things! A Writing Bootcamp would be fabulous. Gimme!  I’m not demanding or anyfink….

In order to enter I have to post a link to this comp, so click here if you want to find out more!

Ok. *takes deep breath and stares blankly at screen* I’m not spending ages on this because every time I spend evenings and days and hour after hour scouring, deleting and re-writing text I get nowhere. This is off the cuff, straight from my addled brain to the keyboard, to the Mac, to the big wide worldwide web or into the great big black hole that all my duff blogs probably fall into.  Wish me luck!!!  Cross your fingers, cross your toes!!!  Touch wood and blow your nose, lol!  Do whatever, just will me to win for once will you?  Thank you! xxx

“Why do I write?  I write to furnish my virtual home, my beloved Brink of Bedlam blog.  I have no interior decorator to employ, so I do DIY and make it up as I go along which works sometimes, and other times it looks awful, but it’s my home and I’ll decorate it as I wish!  Visitors can dawdle a while and gawp at the decor, they can leave if it offends them, or stay a while and keep me and my paragraphs company – it’s all fine.   I decorate with swirls of brightly coloured nonsense daubed on the walls, just for the hell of it.  Because they look pretty and they make me smile.

The windows are huge and usually left open, to let the sunlight  in and to cancel out the occasional shadows.  I write to let the fresh air blow through these windows, to blow away the cobwebs that clog up my mind.  The anecdotes and observations are the rays of warmth that filter through from all the days, catching the floating motes of dust that drift like aimless words across a page.  Every now and then the shadows deepen in the corners of the room, the words become bold and black and harsh, and my writing shivers just a little.  That’s just life though isn’t it? My writing here is me and mine, the dark and the sunshine.

Challenges in life are everywhere, not least when it comes to writing.  To single out one challenge in particular seems unfair to all the other challenges that vie for my attention.  If I had to choose, I’d say my biggest challenge would be the ‘Look over there, there’s a pink, fluffy bunny!….’ scenario –  it’s the not being distracted challenge.”

Well, what do you think?  I’ve mixed my metaphors and muddled my meanings, but at least I’ve had a go.  The bit which was meant to be ‘bold and black and harsh’ just went very dark green when I changed the paragraph colour. So you’ll just have to imagine it’s the ‘deepest darkest depths of a pond green’, which is maybe as effective as the old ‘black as night’ typeface. It’s all done in green because green is my lucky colour, and because I fancied a change. :O)

I’ve just been contacted by Charlie from @UrbanWriters.

I WON, I WON, I WON, I WON, I WON! *Jumps up and down*

I can’t believe I’ve finally managed to win something like this!  So happy! :O)


15 responses to “Win a Writing Bootcamp Competition!

  1. Love it! Brilliant meaphor of the home. You managed to fit so much in with so few words to play with too. You don’t need to attend a bootcamp, you need to be running one!

  2. I love it, but then I always love the way you write.
    Good luck in the competition.

    love this bit, I can relate to it so much
    ” Every now and then the shadows deepen in the corners of the room, and the words become bold and black and harsh, and my writing shivers just a little. That’s just life though isn’t it? My writing here is me and mine, the dark and the sunshine”.

  3. Amanda gidders1

    Brilliant, I love it!
    Good luck, *I am shaking my fist at the comping fairy as I write this* give the girl a blogcomping break ;0) Amanda x

  4. Loojks good to me and reads really well. Get a real feeling for your home from reading this. Good luck with the comp!

  5. ♥ It …almost poetic! MUST be your turn?! I say pack your boots! 😉

  6. Kay, that’s fabulous, good luck I’m sure your in with a chance with your beautifully written piece. Jude xx @jadlgw

  7. Good luck and heres some fairy dust 🙂

  8. Great writing as ususal, and very you – you have a distinctive “voice”. I think off the cuff can be best sometimes!
    I’ve just checked out the link: “honesty and enthusiam will get you a long way”. Well, you may be in with chance on this one…… good luck x

  9. Wonderfully creative as always. Good luck with the competition.

  10. Huge congrats! Sooo happy for you!

  11. Well done. A worthy win you should be proud to have written this

  12. big congrats to you, a well deserved win x

  13. Huge congrats , a fantastic piece of writing and well deserved winner x

  14. You won, heyheyhey congrats.
    I didn’t. Now,do I let that put me off? Do I do my usual, her/his writing is SOOOO much better than mine, who am I fooling to think I can write? Do I revisit the lets give up place? Perhaps not this time. Might ‘see’ you on the bootcamp.
    BtW loved your writing.

  15. Thank so much for all your congratulations and support! The only reason I blog or even try to write at all is because people have encouraged me to.

    Carol, pls do the course, more the merrier and thanks for being such a good sport! xxx

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