Lucie Creates – A Card Competition!

Lucie Creates – A Card Competition!

I’d like to introduce you to ‘Lucie Creates’ which is a new card making venture.   Lucie is a very talented crafter and she’s recently branched out into the world of card making and papercraft.  Personally I always think hand made cards, and hand made items in general are far nicer than mass produced, shop bought items, and these are no exception.

Here’s an example of one of the quality cards that Lucie creates!  I’ve always had a weakness for Flower Fairies and I love this one!

All cards come cellophane wrapped, with envelope included and are very affordable.  They’re also made with an eye for detail, and feature Lucie’s characteristic style.

If you’re looking for something that bit out of the ordinary, or if you’d like one of Lucie’s cards adapting a little for your card occasion, then she’ll be pleased to help.  You can contact her via her site, via Twitter (@LucieA79), or via her email which is

Now for the comp bit!!  I know you’ve all been waiting for it!  Lucie Creates will make a bespoke, custom-made card for one lucky winner.  All you have to do is comment on this blog and maybe mention the most memorable card you’ve ever recieved.  Mine was a home-made one my boyfriend of the time sent me on Valentines day, it came in a massive flat box, but was only about 5cm tall, hand illustrated with a little teddybear holding a love heart. I thought it was adorable at the time.

Please leave your name or your Twitter username so I can contact you if you win.  I’ll draw this on Monday the 27th June, so be quick!

The winner randomly drawn was @Beachrambler who has been contacted! Congratulations! :O) x


8 responses to “Lucie Creates – A Card Competition!

  1. Hullo, I’ve commented a few times on the hand gel review. 🙂

    My twits name is buttonf1fan.
    Can’t believe no one else has commented yet? Off to rt now. X

  2. carol coldicott-stirmey

    They most precious card I recieved,was from my grandad,it had gotten lost in post,I got it 8 mths after he passed,but on the day,I had my 2nd baby.

    @original_castir (twitter0

  3. I think it was when I had glandular fever in high school and all my friends wrote in a card that said ‘poorly sick’ on the front. I’ve used that phrase ever since!

  4. Lucy Taylor @pied_wagtail

    ah what a lovely comp! my mum once sent me a card with a picture of a frog sitting on toadstool (knowing that i love both frogs and fungi!) My nephew draws amazing cards. I moved house on the day i got my dog so he sent me a happy new home card called “the Dog House” which was a picture of a dog with doors, windows, and strangely a trapdoor!?!

  5. These look fab. The most memorable card was not one I received but one my son got for his seventh birthday. The kind you open and it plays a tune! He kept opening it and playing it, drove me crazy. I had to hide it in the end.

  6. Frances Heaton

    Hi, would love to win one of these gorgeous cards.

    Frankie @libra10001

  7. Frances Heaton

    Forgot to mention – my most memorable card was a hand drawn and crayoned one, sent by my very young granddaughter for my birthday.

  8. My favourite card was the first Mother’s Day card my son made me at playschool. I still have all the cards they made me.


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